Official Review: Why Capitalism? by Eugene Bryan

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Saint Bruno
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Official Review: Why Capitalism? by Eugene Bryan

Post by Saint Bruno »

[Following is an official review of "Why Capitalism?" by Eugene Bryan.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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In Why Capitalism? by Eugene Bryan, the author seeks to convince readers that capitalism is a natural manifestation that equips us to live our best possible lives. He affirms that humans have nature's gift of free will and have the right to life, freedom, and pursuit of happiness. Hence, it is capitalism, not socialism, that follows the laws of nature to help humans migrate to the brightest side of life.

The author tells readers that societies do better when their citizens have the freedom to pursue their interests and rewards. He goes further to warn us of the pitfalls we must avoid in the journey of life. According to the author, the root of evil is ignorance. So he asks readers to take advantage of the world's advancements in communication to make our world a peaceful and enjoyable place where individuals are free to choose their own paths.

Firstly, I have to commend the author for the excellent organization of his points in the book. I enjoyed how it made his points easy to follow and assimilate. The author groups his discussions into topics that help the reader to identify the problems that the book intends to address. It's also worth mentioning that I loved the author's use of simple language because I didn't get confused at any point.

While I don't agree with all of the author's points, I must say that his message is valid without a doubt. I found his message about prejudice to be relevant, and I think everyone needs to hear it. I also enjoyed the author's lessons on the laws and types of profit. I learned that material profits are just means to spiritual profits. I hope you read the book to learn more about that.

What I enjoyed most about the book was the refresher at the end of the book. Titled 'Chapter Highlights,' the author uses this part of the book to summarize all his points, chapter by chapter. I must say that this move is genius because it's easy to forget what you read in the beginning chapters of this kind of book. Thankfully, this part of the book helped me recall all the lessons learned and even provided me with the salient points from each chapter. Good job, Mr. Bryan!

Nevertheless, the only thing I disliked about the book was repetition. Some parts of it just felt like déjà vu until I searched for the repeated clauses or phrases to find where I had earlier seen them. For instance, the author defined a particular term with the same example in different parts of the book. I felt it was unnecessary, and avoiding such repetitions would have made the book more concise. However, repetition, as they say, is the mother of learning. Hence, I don't think it is fair to knock a star off the book's rating for that alone.

In conclusion, I rate Why Capitalism? four out of four stars. And like I said, it doesn't deserve a lower rating just for the issue I mentioned above. It helps that there are only a few errors in the book, so I highly recommend it to any reader who wishes to gain insights into the advantages of capitalism over socialism.

Why Capitalism?
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GoodLuck ES
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Post by GoodLuck ES »

I love to read about economic systems to decipher which is best suited for a society. I would really love this book.

Great review.
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Booklover Becca
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Post by Booklover Becca »

What a difficult topic to be able to explain it so simply. I’d be very interested to read it and see his examples for myself. Thanks for the great review!
Kennedy NC
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Post by Kennedy NC »

Indeed freedom is the greatest gift we have and society thrives better when individuals are allowed to freely pirsue their choices. Great review.
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Post by MrSapphire »

Thanks for the review. This has really moved me into wanting to get the book right now . The book itself is made great with this summary.
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Sou Hi
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Post by Sou Hi »

Thanks for your meaningful review. While whether capitalism or socialism is better is a sensitive topic, it's good to know that the author is able to back himself up with valid messages.
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Post by Mwatu »

This is such an interesting take. Off the bat, I disagree. However, I am open to learning and will give this a look. Thank you for a lovely review!
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Post by C3cilia »

Indeed, capitalism is the game.As the author puts it, we should strive to achieve our full potential so as to migrate to the bright side of life.
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Post by Wildflowertheorist »

Capitalism and not socialism might just make the world a better place. It is individuals and not grouls that tend to do something meaningful.
As much as there is personal gain in capitalism, the society too grows stronger.
Excellent review!
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