Official Review: Respect by Dr Monica Young Andrews

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Saint Bruno
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Official Review: Respect by Dr Monica Young Andrews

Post by Saint Bruno »

[Following is an official review of "Respect" by Dr Monica Young Andrews.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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What does respect mean to you? If someone asks you to tell them how you think they should show respect to you, what would be your answer? I am sure that the answers to these questions would be subjective to some extent, but the bottom line is that we all want to be respected. In RESPECT: What Does It Mean To You by Dr. Monica Young Andrews, readers will gain insights into the things that cause disrespect and how to earn respect.

Dr. Monica recounts how she and her mother used to be at loggerheads when she was a teenager. Then, the author's mother would always complain that she wasn't respecting her. Being both young and having no idea what her mother meant, the author struggled to understand what she was doing wrong. As a result, that period of her life was a painful one. Today, both the author and her mother wish they had formed a better relationship back then. Hence, the author seeks to help teenagers, parents, and curious readers with an insightful dissection of what respect means.

Firstly, I am thankful that this book crossed my path! This 74-page book is both inspiring, educational, and well written. The author uses a calm conversational tone to relate her message to the reader. I appreciate how well organized the book is and like how the author divided her thoughts into four relatable parts because it made the book very simple and easy to understand. My favorite is part 4. It is titled 'Give and Receive' and talks about how we need to give value and respect to get respect in return.

What I like most about this book is how relatable and relevant its message is in our society. I am sure that we have all felt disrespected more than once in our lives. So I love that the author covers the perspectives of both the teenager and the parent in this book. I also appreciate that the author takes variables like culture, generation gap, and patience into consideration in her message because it would help promote flexibility in how we perceive respect. I commend the author for sharing the stories of some individuals concerning the topic, as it helped me with real-life examples of the points she made.

Furthermore, I found the 'Reflection questions' and 'Activities' sections at the end of every chapter to be didactic. Through answering the questions and performing the activities, I evaluated myself and found out where I was failing to respect myself and others. And most importantly, I understood what I needed to do to form a healthy relationship with the people around me.

I think it already shows that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Honestly, there is nothing at all to dislike about it. The author's writing style is clear, and I really like the beautiful illustrations by the author's granddaughter, Naiya Redmond, which make the book even more appealing. The book is also exceptionally edited and without any errors. So there's nothing left but to award this book a well-deserved four out of four stars. I highly recommend it to teenagers, parents, prospective parents, and any reader who is interested in knowing what respect means and wishes to gain the respect of others.

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Post by 63tty »

I like how you started with a good question about respect. And I like that the author makes it her mission in this book to help other daughters form better relationships with their mothers and vice versa. Such an informative review.
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Post by raluca_mihaila »

Offering and earning respect (in this order) are some important issues nowadays. Hopefully, this book will educate people to be more respectful. Wonderful review!
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Booklover Becca
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Post by Booklover Becca »

It sounds like this book would be for just about everyone. It’s so good to sit and reflect sometimes on not just how you want other to be treated but how you're treating others. It sounds so good and insightful, great job!
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Post by LeighBee »

Thank you for this review. I think this would be a useful read for parents who struggle with children they feel don't respect them, no matter what the age. I know a lot of parents who grew up in households where fear was considered "respect," and while they don't want to treat their children the way they were treated, they still don't understand why their children don't treat them with the "respect" they think they gave their parents. Learning what respect really means and how to give in order to receive it is a valuable lesson.
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Post by Dartemis »

This sounds like a charming little book. It also sounds like something that should be read in school. Thank you for your delightful review.
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Post by lumenchristi »

A great lesson was taught in this book. A lesson on respect will always be an evergreen discussion. In this time where many people lack respect, right from home to the street and to offices, this book will be a weapon to overcome the challenges posed by lack of respect. Good job to the author for compiling her experiences in this book.
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Suzer6440 xyz
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Post by Suzer6440 xyz »

I appreciate this review. Respect is so important.this book seems to be honest and real . Thanks for the great review. This is going right on my bookshelf for future reading .
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Sou Hi
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Post by Sou Hi »

Thanks for your insightful review. Respect is important, but at the same time, it is abstract. Even we ourselves may not have a clear idea of how people should respect us. Yet, if we ever feel that we are disrespected, the consequence can be very dire. I'm glad that the author decided to share her experience with us so that we can amend or maintain good relationships with others.
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Post by zainherb »

I think this book will be useful to everybody, young and old, who wants to give respect and be respected.

I know it would certainly be beneficial to me.
I am glad the author decided to write a book on this subject as it can seem abstract as a concept.

Great review!
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Post by RayRuff »

Respect is such an important topic. I do think a lot of people are starting to lose that touch. This is probably something that should be read by everyone. Great review. Thank you.
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Post by zulfiyya »

This looks like a book many people should consider reading. Understanding how to respect people's boundaries seems to be a weakness of many people these days.
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Post by Nqobile771 »

A lot of parents have strained relationships with their teenage children. Learning to relate better and understand each other will be beneficial to both parents and teenagers. I would like to read this book.
Respect to me is: Do unto me as you would like me to do unto you. Period.
Stellar review Saint Bruno!
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Post by Kushkp »

Respect is very important part in our life . I am glad that the author decided to share his experience so that we can also respect others . We have to respect other weather it smaller or bigger than us .
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Yvonne Monique
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Post by Yvonne Monique »

By reading your review, I believe that this book can be useful to many people.
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