Review by Isa_cardenasc -- Wilderness Cry

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Latest Review: Wilderness Cry by Hilary L Hunt M.D.

Review by Isa_cardenasc -- Wilderness Cry

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Wilderness Cry" by Hilary L Hunt M.D..]
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4 out of 4 stars
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God is almost always analyzed starting from a religious vision. Wilderness Cry by Hilary Leo Hunt aims to perceive God from a scientific approach; involving the concept of God, with the theories of the origin of the universe promulgated by science. The book is focused on searching for the truth of God, with facts and not only with faith; trying to determine, who is God, who is Jesus and who is the Holy Spirit, thus the real characteristics of them are defined. The author describes God as perfect, almighty, all knowing, all good and unchangeable, or as he says: God is omni-everything. Wilderness Cry questions God's beliefs, with what God really is, and for that, God's existence must be separated from religion. Hilary explains how unnecessary the Church is in the understanding of God, and in the application of his teachings. In his opinion the Church promulgates guilt and suppression, in its desire for power and control. God just wants his message of love and understanding to be spread to the world. Thus, allowing the universalization of loving God, loving others and loving oneself, as the highest principles.

Hilary managed to write a Catholic book, without any indoctrination of religion, moreover, completely rejecting this type of teaching imposed by the church. He completely separates the existence of God, from religions and from the anthropocentric thought of people who think God is here for them. I never read before a book from a believer, who actually criticizes his own beliefs, and tries to demystify the idea of God, adding rationality to it. The author’s result is an authentic and critical book; easily readable, concrete and with explicit objectives of what he wants to convey to the reader.

I’ll recognize minor errors with little significance. I think some concepts could be deepened; the author focuses on the idea that God is unchangeable, but the concept of God being almighty is mentioned lesser. Furthermore, I expected more discussion around the scientific ideas opposed to the theory of God, and how the author deals with these rational denials of God.

Wilderness cry is well written and edited. I enjoy reading it and enjoy the criticism Hilary makes around religion; and his fearless redefinition of God. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.

I recommend this book for religious and nonreligious people; both groups will take advantage of it and enjoy the reading; getting new ideas that will open their minds, generating new doubts and allowing them to straighten their own beliefs. Whether they believe in God or not, both groups need the knowledge of those who believe in God critically and rationally, as Hilary does.

Wilderness Cry
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This headline is amazing Hilary did a very amazing job on this book I advise him to make more books like these I give this book a 4out of4
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