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Featured Official Review: Tour of Insanity: Manifesto For Better H...

Post by Saint Bruno »

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Tour of Insanity: Manifesto For Better Home Design" by Kelly Mitchell.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Have you ever looked around your home and questioned the practicality of some of the things in it? So many things in the design of our homes are not ideal in form and function. Hence, they end up bringing us unwanted stress.

Tour of Insanity: Manifesto For Better Home Design by Kelly Mitchell intends to help us understand why a design, form, or structure should be practical if it has to remain in our homes. The author discusses why ordinances can hinder prioritizing practicality when designing homes. She also seeks to give us the history behind why things are the way they are in our homes and calls on readers to abandon non-functional old ways of home design.

This 88-page book is rich in practical tips and advice. But what makes it fascinating is the author's comic tone and colorful writing style. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the read. I am a little envious of the people who know this author in person because her sense of humor is contagious. What could beat laughing and learning? I bet that I might not have benefited as much as I did from this book if another author had written it.

Furthermore, what I like the most about the book is the author's resourcefulness. She doesn't present only one way of solving a problem but gives two or three options so you can choose the one that suits you. For me, the highlight is that she provides estimates for the costs of some of the items or services needed to solve the issue. More so, I love that the author gives insights into some smart innovations in technology that homeowners, urban planners, and builders can take advantage of when designing homes.

Additionally, for every structure or design element the author discusses, she also gives readers a bit of the history behind it and how it has evolved or is evolving. There's one less person in the world who is ignorant of the facts in the book. Yes, I am talking about myself. For example, do you know how the Romans did their laundry in the nineteenth century? You can read the book to find out.

In conclusion, there is nothing I disliked about the book. I enjoyed every bit of it. Fortunately, it is also exceptionally edited. Therefore, it gladdens my heart to rate Tour of Insanity: Manifesto For Better Home Design 4 out of 4 stars. I highly recommend it to urban planners, tenants, homeowners, and anyone interested in functional home designs. And for the sake of entertainment, readers who want to be able to hold down a discussion based on the insane old ways of doing things in our homes would find this book very beneficial.

Tour of Insanity: Manifesto For Better Home Design
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Joy Phill
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Post by Joy Phill »

I'm hooked on the humor part. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll probably give it a try.
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Post by kandscreeley »

I don't plan on building my own home any time soon. Still, this seems intriguing and fun. Thanks.
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Post by Nqobile771 »

I might learn a thing or two from this book. Thanks for the recommendation.
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Yvonne Monique
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Post by Yvonne Monique »

This is not a topic I would immediately buy a book on, but your review made it sound a very interesting and funny book.
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Post by smolbird »

This sounds like my kind of book - informative and humorous. Thanks for the recommendation.
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Post by raluca_mihaila »

Looks like a fascinating and useful topic for everybody! Thank for this amazing review and great recommendation!
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Post by Sushan »

This one seems a unique book. Anyone who owns a house cn make use of this to make their home structures more practical for day to day life. Nice review
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Post by OBC Reviewer »

This book will be better if you are making your home anew. But I think it can be used to enhance your home where you are already living as well. Nice review
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Post by MarianaFigueira »

How cool. I know a lot of people who would have benefited from this book before they made their homes. Incredible review, thanks.
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Post by Chizioboli »

This book gives me an Aha moment. I have always known that some things or arrangement structure of my home is too normal and like following the crowd. Guess I'm not alone in that thought line. Thank you for your fantastic review. Looking forward to reading this book and putting to use what I learned in my home design
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Post by WADonnelly »

This sounds like a good read with potentially some fantastic tips. It was great to read your review.
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Post by zainherb »

I enjoy practical designs in homes so this book sounds like it is for me. I also enjoy humour while learning so that's great also.
Great review!
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Post by cd20 »

This book was such a quick, easy read. It had quite a few funny parts that were unexpected! I loved that while it was intended to be more for entertainment value, Mitchell made quite a few valid points. It was interesting the way Mitchell integrated her facts on the Romans as well!
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Post by DianneReads »

Very interesting! My father is a builder and I have background in real estate, with a special passion for functional and sustainable design. I have frequently talked about the wasted space and lack of optimization, so this sounds up my alley. Thanks for the well thought out review!
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