Review by alohawriter -- Angels Watching Over Me

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Review by alohawriter -- Angels Watching Over Me

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Angels Watching Over Me" by Pam Ware & Linda Dipman.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Angels Watching Over me by Pam Ware and Linda Dipman embrace the true meaning of forgiveness, unconditional love, and non-judgment. Pam and Linda were raised in the Christian faith. The hatred and betrayals they endured by their family, friends, and churches because of differences in beliefs and lifestyle are heartbreaking. Their angels guided and protected them while they discovered the love from their Holy Spirit.

I admire the inner strength of Pam and Linda. When they were close to a breakdown or giving up on their goals and dreams, the angels appeared. I felt their spiritual enlightenment.

Pam’s story was mostly written from the third-person perspective. Her scary car accident was very descriptive and visual. I left panic and relief as I read her story.

Regardless of Pam’s selfish and uncaring parents, she wanted to help others. She chose a career in hospice and palliative care which was not easy. Her angels guided her when she felt overwhelmed and uncertain. Pam slowly began to heal from her childhood’s dysfunctional environment.

Linda’s story was mostly written from a first-person perspective. As a Christian, she witnessed a miracle when her friend Tori, was heeled through prayers. Tori’s critical heart condition had no medical cure. This was very emotional and uplifting.

Linda struggled with her demanding husband. She feared losing her children if she filed for a divorce. She felt trapped and hopeless. Linda was criticized and judged by her family, friends, and her church. She asked God for guidance.

The bible verses and sacred scriptures helped explain Pam and Linda’s thoughts and actions. They gained the emotional strength to keep moving forward through personal challenges and disapprovals from their loved ones.

I observed only one or two typos. There was only one section where I got confused where the author made a transition between past and present events. The flow between the first person and third person perspective was structured well. By the organization and flow of the chapters, the editing seemed thorough.
“Angels” in a title of a book usually refers to a personal story of having hope and faith. I recommend this book for spiritual and non-spiritual readers. Readers that believe in angels should feel inspired and energized. Readers that feel something is missing in their life, believing in angels might provide some hope and faith.

Interpretations of the bible and sacred scriptures can vary by churches and religions. Readers that are rigid in their religious beliefs with strict rules may find the courage to expand their thinking.

I felt emotions of sadness, frustration, hope, enlightenment, and joy while reading this book with a box of Kleenex. Unconditional love means creating empathy, respect, and spiritual support regardless of differences in opinion, belief, lifestyle, and culture. Due to minimal grammatical errors with a powerful message, my rating is 4 out of 4 stars. To Pam and Linda, thank you for sharing your personal story.

Angels Watching Over Me
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Interpretations of the bible and sacred scriptures can vary by churches and religions. Readers that are rigid in their religious beliefs with strict rules may find the courage to expand their thinking.
I find this recommendation appropriate and helpful. Thanks for the insights.
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