Review by hildamartinovic -- Wilderness Cry

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Review by hildamartinovic -- Wilderness Cry

Post by hildamartinovic »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Wilderness Cry" by Hilary L Hunt M.D..]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Wilderness Cry by Hilary L Hunt M.D. is an extremely thought-provoking book. The author has a bold approach towards values and beliefs that are engraved in the Catholic church system. Discussing and questioning these religious beliefs is almost taboo. People are educated on these values and beliefs since childhood and it is pretty much what they suppose to know for the rest of their life. The author challenges these people that do not want to bend and try to think outside the box.

The author analyses the bible and the characters in it and compares it to modern-day science. He comes up with many solutions and answers to his questions. Also, he creates philosophical theories that one can ponder upon and realize that some of his solutions could be true. The writer is trying to find the truth about God and Universe. He believes in God and states that God is in all of us therefore we are God. Instead of always worrying to do everything perfectly and not upset God, God is in all of us so we have to pretty much make ourselves happy. The author states that many religious values were created by the Church for money and power. Also, he states that as simple as it is one has to take care of themselves and their neighbor, and everything will work out smoothly. There would be no need for a Church to dictate our lives (for example fasting, obligatory church days, birth control). If God is in all of us, you have to prosper for yourself and your neighbor and strive for your best all the time. You will always be delighted with yourself thus God.

The book is an easy read but very informative. I was impressed how the author was able to conclude some of the discussed topics based on science. It surely can stir the minds of many people that have similar questions. Even if some of his religious analysis is questioned by closed-minded people that have set beliefs, the author can back it up with his philosophical and scientific conclusions. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because I think that the author made his research practically (Catholic upbringing) and theoretically (referencing the bible). He has great input on so many intriguing topics. He talks about Eternity, the Soul, Marriage and Sex, Free Will, the Universe and Heaven, the Holy Spirit, Evil in the Universe to mention a few. and the Bible is also discussed. As I mentioned before, the author has a bold approach and new perspectives. I can see people getting offended about some of the topics discussed.

I recommend this book for anybody ready and open to see religious and philosophical topics analyzed from a different point of view. Also, people who would enjoy this read would be anybody who loves science because the author bases his conclusions on scientific explanations.

The positive aspects of the book are all the interesting topics. The author can describe some of his analyzes as simplified and reader-friendly. Also, many concepts are thought-provoking that keeps the reader glued to the book. I also enjoyed that the topics were not written in too many pages so it did not get long and boring. I really do not see negative aspects to this book. The writer of the book is trying to understand God and the Universe. I am open-minded and I can see this topic from different views other than what the Church wants everyone to believe. I think that the Church is good for a community so people can meet and have a sense of belonging. It can help people spiritually when they pray inside the Church and in groups. Otherwise, some people might prefer to pray at home and still be spiritually healthy. How the author states, "God is our inner being and therefore we are God". I understand by this statement that we have to spiritually enhance ourselves if we want to praise God because we are God. Therefore, we do not need a Church to do so unless some people would be able to perfect themselves by going to a community like a Church.

Wilderness Cry
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Post by 63tty »

OMG...your review was so informative and intelligible. I have learnt so much, I actually feel like I have already read the book. Love it.
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Post by Noelle770 »

This seems like a very indepth book about the catholic church. Thank you for such an informative review!!
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Post by Florence Nalianya »

I love the way you put this out.Your review is quite encouraging that I wouldn't mind adding this piece to my library.The weight issues addresses by an independent mind are interesting.
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