Official Review: Good and Evil by Dale Lisi

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Re: Official Review: Good and Evil by Dale Lisi

Post by Lunastella »

He showed the utmost respect when talking about people of a different faith. Most importantly, there was a story to follow and lessons to learn from the book.
I truly appreciate this. It's hard to create a religious book that appeals to all kinds of people, but also I feel discouraged to read books that are preachy or claim to have the utmost truth, even if I'm religious.
Thank you for your honest review.
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Post by Luluwa79 »

It's such a nice memoir.
Thanks for the detailed and insightful aummary.
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This is a story about a man who is trying to pursue God and his experience. Nicely reviewed. Congratulations BOTD
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Post by Kajori50 »

The quest for God in search for answers seems like a touching book.

Thank you for the great review.
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Post by Njokime »

This seems like a very interesting book to read.
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Post by MsTri »

While I do like spiritually-based books, I'm just not so sure that I want to read this semi-autobiographical account of the author's spiritual response to losing his arm. I do applaud him on his walk, though.
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Post by readsbyarun »

I am not a fan of religious books. But this seems to be an interesting one.
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Post by duskdawn09 »

This seems like something that would fit my genre. I might read it.
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Post by athurst123 »

Wonderful review! The book sounds very interesting and unique!
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Post by Fabulous mind »

This book seems like an interesting book. I like that it corrects and educates humans on the mysteries of life. I want to learn about these mysteries too. Great book and congrats on Botd.
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Post by Abacus »

"Good and Evil" by Dale Lisi - An interesting way to relate an accident in which the protagonist lost his arm. In the author's mind, it is all personal, his arm was maliciously taken away because of his sins. The mood invoked is threatening and dark. Thanks for the excellent review.
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Post by _khush_p »

The best part for me was finding similarities between my beliefs and the author's beliefs in his journey. And I'm not a religious person. It truly comes down to what you want to believe in, it doesn't have to be a religion. I loved how simply the book is written, it indeed paints a clear picture for the reader. The part where the author goes deep into the ocean with intentions to burn out his fuel was confusing for me since I can't understand if it was meant to be a suicidal mission. I can't understand the thought process of why the author would exactly do that, but maybe disastrous events have an effect on people that I can't comprehend just yet.
Had fun reading it! Very knowledgeable in my opinion.
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Post by Seamstress »

Sorry, but this book is most definitely not something I am currently in the mood to read. Non-fiction, life story and God are all topics which separately and even put together not my cup of tea, so unfortunately I will have to skip this book. Congratulations with BOTS, anyway!
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Post by paulamr »

I've always wondered why many people turn to religion in difficult times instead of relying on their own strength and power so I will probably read this book out of curiosity. It sounds like it's interesting and well written - a definite plus.
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Post by kimoy13 »

This is a lovely inspirational story that follows the author on his quest to rebuild his faith and trust in God as well as his confidence to lead a happy life after losing his arm in a boating accident.

The language used is very poetic and will certainly appeal to literature lovers. I especially like the fact that he gives the reader an insight into his life as a child. This book is appropriate for all readers as it does not place too much emphasis on religion. Indeed, there are some Biblical references but they are not excessive. The author also manages to relate these references to everyday life.

Persons who may be questioning their current positions in life or who are searching for some inspiration, will benefit greatly from reading this book. It is also very well edited.
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