Official Review: Born Unwanted by Helen Damon Hesketh

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Latest Review: Born Unwanted by Helen Damon Hesketh
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Official Review: Born Unwanted by Helen Damon Hesketh

Post by klbradley »

[Following is an official review of "Born Unwanted" by Helen Damon Hesketh.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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It's a common part of life to occasionally feel unwanted. As humans, we crave acceptance and appreciation. When we don't receive that desired affection, it's easy to feel unwanted or undesired. Though it is a common emotion and completely normal, author Helen Kesketh seems to have been dealt a tough hand in life with how she is treated by others.

In her memoir, Born Unwanted, Helen shares the experiences she has suffered as well as how she dealt with these emotions that felt overbearing at times. Beginning with her birth, the author shares how she was made to feel unwanted by multiple people in her life, beginning with the earliest stages by her mother. These feelings followed her into adulthood by her husband, employers, and even the church she dutifully served for. Born Unwanted was a fairly quick read at 133 Kindle edition pages, though at times could be emotionally triggering due to the heartfelt way the author shared her experiences.

While reading, I was impressed with the way the author expressed her emotions and explained how others had hurt her feelings, whether intentionally or not. Her memoir was exceptionally well-written, with a timeline of events leading up to moments where she has forgiven those who have hurt her while also being sure to specify that she doesn't place the blame of her feelings on anyone else. Over time, she shares that she has learned to stand up for herself and express how the actions of others has made her feel. More often than not, those who have hurt her were unaware of how their words could cut deep.

My favorite part of Helen's story was the very end where she has written a letter to her mother, expressing that she no longer blames her mother for the way she felt, but rather appreciates all she has learned from the way she felt and how to best avoid making her children feel the same pain she has. Born Unwanted is a memoir that I would recommend to all readers to ensure that we are all taking the initiative to be attentive to the way we speak to and treat others. Although we may not be intentionally causing hurt to those around us, our actions and words can sometimes be more hurtful than we realize, as evident in the way Helen expresses her emotions. I can only imagine how difficult it is to feel unwanted during so many significant phases in life.

I'm so pleased to rate Born Unwanted 4 out of 4 stars, mainly due to the author's well-written approach at opening up in a vulnerable manner to shed light on a difficult topic. Along with being a clear expression of emotions, Born Unwanted was well-written and professional, with no editing or spelling errors to be found. Though I haven't experienced years of an unwanted feeling like the author, I can definitely say there haven been moments in my life where I have felt unwanted too. Being able to relate to the story adds an even more promising feeling, specifically with a memoir that I think many of us can relate to.

Born Unwanted
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Post by Tayejim1 »

This is a problem that has plagued many of us. I hope to read this book soon. Thanks.

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Post by Chigo Nwagboso »

The title of this book is indeed attracted. I can relate how it feels like to be rejected, it's really really disheartening and brings about low self-esteem. Great review!

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Post by Lilyflower-x2 »

I applaud the author for having a forgiving heart. Her journey in life is truly an inspiration to many.
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Post by Rodolfo025 »

Outstanding book relatable characters and would definitely give it a recommendation

Cynthia Olyy
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Post by Cynthia Olyy »

It's not an easy feeling to feel unwanted. I can totally relate to this situation. I appreciate the author for sharing her story.

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Post by Drado_27 »

I really enjoyed your review. It is important, as the author says, to forgive our parents' mistakes, and to avoid repeating them.

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Ada Ling
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Post by Ada Ling »

Thank you for the recommendation. I appreciate the author's vulnerability. It is a not easy experience.

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Jonathan chikwanda
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Post by Jonathan chikwanda »

I can relate with what the author is explaining..
There times in life we feel unwanted and unappreciated by other people, it's a common thing..
It hurts, and it's uncomfortable.

I like how the author expresses herself and how she forgave the people who hurt her despite going through so much..
Without forgiveness there is no love...

Great content 🙏

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Post by diana lowery »

I am glad that you mentioned the letter that the author wrote to her mother. It makes for a happier ending. Nice Review!

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