Official Review: Moses Predicted COVID-19 by Kermit Zarley

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Official Review: Moses Predicted COVID-19 by Kermit Zarley

Post by Readerjorge »

[Following is an official review of "Moses Predicted COVID-19" by Kermit Zarley.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Right now, COVID-19 is the most significant current theme. So far experts say this coronavirus is of animal origin, it comes from the bats. Its rapid spread began in the city of Wuhan in China. Kermit Zarley includes Moses Predicted COVID-19 as the book three of the series Still Here. In this work, he presents arguments in favor of the hypothesis that Moses’ food laws have a basis in hygiene and health. They establish bans on eating and touching certain animals deemed impure. At that time not much was known about germs, bacteria, or viruses. Consequently, God could not supply a direct explanation in that sense. Regardless, they could not have comprehended it.

Zarley exposes references to studies that indicate most of the infectious diseases epidemics that have strongly affected humanity in the last hundred years come from animals. Practically all of these animals are incorporated in the list of the so-called "unclean" by the laws of Moses. The author devotes a substantial part of the book trying to prove neither Jesus nor his disciples abolished the food laws of Moses. Some authors and priests have claimed otherwise.

The title of the book is a bit ambitious. However, I considered Moses Law's classification of clean and unclean animals intriguing. The motivation for this God-imposed restriction has been widely debated in all the times by theologians and scientists. It is largely one of the bastions of discussion in this work.

Zarley's writing style is generally informative, which is consistent with the subjects and goals of the book. It is evident the author carry out much research on COVID-19. Plus, he is an expert in the field of theology. Therefore, all approaches are properly supported by investigations, studies, biblical references, or expert quotes. Habitually, Zarley presents the evidence available, so the reader can ponder and develop her/his own judgment. No reasoning is an ace up his sleeve.

What I liked the most was the amount of knowledge the book provides us, both about COVID-19 and other zoonotic epidemic diseases as well as Moses' food laws. For those of us who believe God certainly issued these laws to Moses, there must be a logical reason. Unquestionably, it should be for the benefit of mankind. The primary aspect I disliked was there were many repetitions of ideas, narratives, and references. I think it goes a little beyond the objective of emphasizing. For example, the references to Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14.

Moses Predicted COVID-19 is a compelling piece of research and analysis of ideas and proposals the author skillfully handles. Although Zarley tries to prove his thesis, he does not avoid placing all the cards on the table. I consider this book entertaining and pedagogical, and it explores a very current subject. I recommend it for those who are really interested in or like both the theme of COVID-19 and the biblical topics associated with the food laws of Moses. The editing was adequate though I observed more than ten details, most of them minor typos that did not disturb the flow of the reading at all. Hence, in a further revision, they can be easily corrected. For all that said, it seems fair to rate Moses Predicted COVID-19 with 3 out of 4 stars.

Moses Predicted COVID-19

Moses Predicted COVID-19
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Post by emeraldlaurice012 »

It's true, people should really be more careful with what they put in their bodies. Look how well that turned out. Nice review :)

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Post by Sakura5 »

Interesting topic. I find the combination of religious themes and science quite intriguing, I might consider reading this book in the future!

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Post by Tablito »

Animals believed to have caused infectious diseases being in the laws of Moses as 'unclean' sounds extraordinary.

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Post by Reitumetse_R »

You have no idea how fast I ran to see what your review has for me. The topic is really catchy I must say😅 but also too ambitious as you mentioned. I always thought the whole food restriction law has mostly if not everything to do with spiritual than physical hygiene but I guess this book says something else.
Thank you for the review

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Post by MsTri »

Long familiar with the Bible, I've always known about Moses' laws and Jesus' retraction of such - as is MY personal belief - but this still sounds like intriguing reading. I also plan to check out the other books in the series; thanks so much for the review!

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Post by _Bokeh »

The title of the book is a bit misleading, can't blame the author though. I support that not everything should be eaten. Having read Moses' classification of clean and unclean animals, I'd support that diseases resulting from animals often result from the unclean ones. Maybe God saw what we didn't.

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Post by Drado_27 »

An interesting topic! The title of the book sounds too promising as you already mentioned. By reading your review I got an impression that the Moses' classification of clean and unclean animals is the basis of the book. I don't know if I would enjoy this read, but it is intriguing!

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Post by kaivalya_k »

A book on COVID-19 seemed interesting but I am not just yet prepared to analyse the situation from a religious perspective. Not a book I would pick up. Thank you for such a great review.

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