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Review by Nakiyageneration2753 -- Burn Zones

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Burn Zones" by Jorge P. Newbery.]
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"Burn Zones" - Jorge P. Newbery

As someone who isn't hesitate towards autobiographies but, struggles to find interest unless it is about a pop-star that was struggling through fame and fortune, Burn Zones written by Jorge P. Newbery, [/i] was surprisingly good. I was more intrigued by how Mr. Newbery pursued some sort of relatability when it comes to his child life, personality, financial struggles, personal struggles, music, family, and his strength to push through his career and life as a whole.

Him going into his childhood is what made the book so hard to just to not read. He talks about the shyness in him but, the shyness didn't stop him from wanting the cash early on. I found myself amused by how he started off with the precious description of just being a child but, it did hit understandably when he goes from not having any friends, being bullied to more-so living a life that was more of him working so young, managing school, and being with his family. Mr. Newbery describing his childhood was not just nonsense or putting in the book to showcase how he was as a kid. After reading the book, you become aware of the driven mindset that he had since being a shy young boy to his adult life.

Reading his adult life was frightening as you are able to visualize it from paper but,
in the strangest sense, it was also the most realistic reading from paper. As a young man, he became a local punk-star who experiences and witnesses the dangers of the police enforcement and the jest of radical protesters in Los Angeles. From juggling being in the band to also being the businessman of the band, he thoroughly insightful side of early punk bands and what his band went through. From then on after the band, he goes into his biking career and became seriously involved. Soon after his biking days, he takes on being an entrepreneur with the ambition to help the Black and Hispanic community, help people in need. He also added a bit of a breather as he became humorous about his non-existent dance abilities. However, it wasn't all the rainbows and sunshine. Further-on, financial issues weighed in.

The adult life for Mr. Newbery was heartbreaking, family wise and business wise. It would be absolutely uncalled for if I said it wasn't moving. The writing was so precisely detailed with everything he faced as a grown up. I really believe that readers who are looking for a motivational autobiography that isn't cheesy or blurs out the harsh reality of wanting to chase so many dreams will definitely find this book so beautiful. It deserves to be treasured and appreciated today, tomorrow, and the rest of time. For a book that tells a story but, the truth, it's hard to give a negative perspective because you can't with a book that is raw.

Burn Zones was particularly fascinating, expressive, and triggering to the point that no matter how challenging it was to read about someone else's troubles and hardships, it was informative to have another view of how so many of us have either gone dealt with similar moments that Mr. Newbery or we went through the same moments. He writes in a way of a lesson but not a lecture, especially with quoting important black activists and quoting The Clash's music. It's not forced upon, it's just how he made it through life. I love how I felt like I was reading fiction because of how he told it in a story-type form where it all seems so unlikely. It wasn't. It was watching a documentary through paper and us, as the audience picturing everything. Such a great book that Mr. Newbery wrote and I can't wait to read more of his books. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.

For mature readers, this book doesn't go into any erotic-associated language but it does go into a small detail. Discrimination language is involved. Children should read with parents/guardians consent or having an adult read it to them. The book overall is suitable for everyone.

Burn Zones
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