Official Review: Royals at War

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Official Review: Royals at War

Post by LinaMueller »

[Following is an official review of "Royals at War" by Dylan Howard & Andy Tillett.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Royals at War is a non-fiction book that aims to tell the story of the event called "Megxit," which is none other than the departure of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from the royal family. To achieve this goal, the authors are obliged to detail various historical events in the lives of the most diverse characters, including Lady Di, Charles (Prince of Wales), Harry, William, and Kate Middleton.

The book has five parts, and the authors are specialists in writing similar works. Dylan Howard is a recognized Australian journalist who has written books about Epstein, Charles Manson, and Princess Diana. Andy Tillett is a British journalist with an incredibly similar profile. Structurally speaking, the book is chaotic and not very linear.

What is most striking about this book is that the subject is fascinating. As soon as I saw that the book was available for review, I chose it without a second thought. And the authors did a great job of telling unknown details about the lives of Diana, William, Kate, and Meghan. Not only did I get to know insignificant information about the lives of members of the royal family, but it was also possible to understand some members' psychological profiles. It was amazing to discover how Harry is similar to Diana in many ways. Equally impressive was reading about the backstage of Meghan's entry into the royal family. There were a lot of people bothered by the "intruder."

On the downside, there are some negative aspects to comment. First, some chapters are dull. The authors should focus on members of the royal family, but the idea of writing dozens of pages to tell the story of Meghan and Kate's parents has made the book lose some of its charms. Besides, there are some recurring errors. For example: "Meghan and Harry, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were delighted." These are titles of his brother William and Kate.

All in all, Royals at War deserves three out of four stars. Although it is an addictive book and a real page-turner, it is also a biased book that was poorly executed in many ways. I was in doubt if I should deduct one more star, but as the book is pleasant to read, I decided to abandon it. Since I found only three grammatical errors, there is no doubt that this book is professionally edited. I was surprised when I read on Amazon some reviewers saying that the book is "riddled with typos." Maybe the PDF file I read is a newer version after another round of editing. I recommend Royals at War for all interested in knowing more about what happens within the British monarchy.

Royals at War
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Post by Christieee »

This is a very sensitive title that these authors have taken on. According to your report they did not do proper justice to it.

Your review was insightful, but it has discrepancies- especially in the rating. Thank you.

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Elvis Best
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Post by Elvis Best »

Indeed, the subject-matter of the book sounds very interesting. Thanks for this insightful review. Good job!
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Post by Dominik_G »

Royals at War sounds like a timely and interesting book. Thank you for your review!

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Post by Wy_Bertram »

Well it was about time someone capitalised on this. This is definitely not something I would read, intriguing as the story seems. Good job on the review still.

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Post by Chiagbanwe »

I think I will love this book. It seems very informative on very sensitive royal issues.
Thanks for the review!

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Post by Star_and_Buck »

I didn't like the book as I am not interested to know about British monarchy. Especially when the book is not linear.

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Post by Priyanka2304 »

It would be such a delight reading this book. Thanks for the amazing review.

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Post by aaurba »

With the topic of the book being fascinating and the incredible reputation of the authors, I am sure that almost anyone interested in the Royal Family would be compelled to read it. I am hoping that the reviewer's criticisms would be addressed by the authors to make reading much more fun and enjoyable for the readers.
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Post by LinaJan »

On one hand, their story and all the accompanying controversy was splashed all over the tabloids so much that it put me off. However, this sounds like a lot more structured, informative and educating approach, rather than just 'for clicks.' May just give this a go :)

Thank you for such an informative review! :)

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baha Ibrahim
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Post by baha Ibrahim »

The material could really use a proper edit, but this will hopefully be addressed and corrections made in future updates. The writing doesn’t always flow well and is confusing, at times. However, the story is so entertaining, I wasn’t terribly bothered by this. The authors seem to think MM had achieved a greater level of fame than she actually did.
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Post by Teele »

What is most striking about this book is that the subject is fascinating.
I agree. Thanks for a nice review.

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Post by ivana7 »

I really like the purpose of the book itself, especially because it deals with a very popular and contemporary topic. Also, the author gives unknown details and information about the royal family? I'm in!

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Post by Kola+wole »

It is not a book I would like to read since I'm not interested in British royalty. Thank you for the review.

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