Official Review: Bad by Dylan S Howard

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Official Review: Bad by Dylan S Howard

Post by JKO »

[Following is an official review of "Bad" by Dylan S Howard.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Even after more than a decade following the death of Michael Jackson, the king of pop still suffers new allegations of child abuse, especially with the release of the HBO two-part presentation called “Leaving Neverland.” With original researches, exclusive new interviews, Michael’s own words, and access to long-hidden files, the investigation of Bad by Dylan Howard throws light on what was undeniably the sad life of an increasingly lonely, self-destructive icon.

This book starts with a prologue that presents excerpts of a previously unseen video that featured the king of pop in an aggressive foul-mouthed role-playing session with young boys in his bed at a secluded resort. The author proceeds to give a comprehensive account of the life of Michael Jackson, including his successes and events that ultimately led to his downfall, from the start of his career with the Jackson 5 to his death and beyond. Was Michael Jackson a twisted-adult or just a man-child, stunned in bad-boy adolescence? This book provides an excellent reference that offers answers to the previous questions and much more.

Different accounts into the life of Michael Jackson have surfaced over the years and rightly so because of his legendary status coupled with the air of controversy associated with his private life. I am a massive fan of these sorts of accounts as they provide me a closer view of who he was, and that was why I picked up this book. I am glad that this book exceeded my expectations; it was like I had a front-row seat to see Michael’s life as a movie, allowing me the pleasure of being the judge of whether or not the allegations against Michael ultimately held any water.

I commend the author for the amount of research he must have put into this account. The testimonies of a lot of people that had first-hand information were included in this account, as well as pictures of several pages from the diary of Michael himself and the documents of the court cases against him. I verified most of the presented testimonies, and they all checked out. I also loved the number of pictures that were added in the text that showed some of the artworks that were drawn by the king of pop; I found them refreshing to see. In all these stories, I found one aspect of Michael Jackson to be consistent: his commitment to exceed his previous heights. It was a shame that, in the end, we never got to witness what would have been his most magnificent ever performance as a result of his death.

Although I found a few minor errors in reported speeches, which I can’t criticize, the editing seems like it is done professionally. For me, there was nothing to dislike about this book; it gave me a non-judgmental insight into the life of arguably the most talked-about person ever to grace the Earth. I, therefore, rate Bad 4 out of 4 stars, and I recommend it to people who are looking for a clearer picture of what transpired in the life of Michael Jackson. However, sensitive readers may want to skip this book because of the profane words used throughout the text.

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Post by baha Ibrahim »

When I read the book i found the facts that were presented in this book sounds like the typical stories of the blogs during that time. It is an interesting perspective although I don’t agree with everything. I liked it I recommend it
Thank you for your reviews
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Post by Dominik_G »

I've recently seen Leaving Neverland and even though I found it interesting and I don't feel like I'm in a position to doubt the truth of those who spoke up about their experiences, I also found the whole narrative very one-sided. Knowing that Bad aims to provide a non-judgmental account of Michael's life, I'll definitely get my hands on it. Thank you for your great review!

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Post by Magnify3 »

I doubt that I will get a chance to read this book. I sometimes feel it would be best to forget. That is not easy though. However, I really liked your review and I agree with you that MJ was consistent in reaching greater heights in his work.

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Post by riyosha »

I would love to know more about Michael Jackson. Nice review!
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Post by Teddyquam »

I haven't watched Finding Neverland because I am wondering why it took so long if these things were happening (I also dont have Netflix). However, I understand how difficult it would be to come forward against such a recognized and beloved celebrity. We may never know the truth, and I'm okay with that. I hope everyone can find piece with the situation as well.
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Post by Kirsi_78 »

Jackson is undoubtedly one of the saddest persons who ever lived on this earth. I've always been torn between compassion and disgust when talking about him. I guess we will never know the ultimate truth about the events in his life. Let it be so. Anyway, as a musician he was genius. Thanks for your well-written review!

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Elvis Best
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Post by Elvis Best »

Wow, this book sounds really intriguing. I would really love an insider look into the life of this great icon. Thanks for the insightful review. Good job!
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Post by LinaJan »

I never really liked Michael Jackson when he was alive. I think, mostly, this was out of some childish defiance as he was sooooo 'on the wave.' Only after his death did I get to see Thriller Live in West End, which lead to a personal discovery of a decade. I fell in love with his music and developed deep interest in his life. This is a must-read to me.

Thank you for such a thorough and inviting review!

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Post by Letora »

I like that this is an unbiased approach. My mother is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, and would be interested in this.
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Post by Priyanka2304 »

MJ has been an inspiration to people of all nationalities. I am really excited to read this book someday.

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Post by Nasinash »

I am very much curious to peek inside the legend's life!!
Thanks for the beautiful review!!

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Nelson Reviews
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Post by Nelson Reviews »

This read really sounds promising. Thanks for the Review, I can't wait to flip the pages of this tale.
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Post by kathy2705 »

This book sound interesting, because it is not only about all the fame and glory but about who Michael really was. I will definitely read this one. Great review!

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Post by rahilshajahan »

I have only heard insinuated rumors of Michael Jackson's private matters. I would love to get a first row seat into an unbiased view of his life. Thanks for an informative review!
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