Official Review: Goosebumps And The Energy Body

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Official Review: Goosebumps And The Energy Body

Post by sblake » 12 Oct 2013, 08:10

[Following is the official review of "Goosebumps And The Energy Body" by Jason A. Joseph.]

Goosebumps & The Energy Body: A Beginner’s Introduction To The Subtle Human Energy Body by Jason A. Joseph would be classified as a new age, self-help or spirituality book.

Goosebumps is a short book, approximately 30 pages, in which the author relates personal experiences regarding his ability to channel his energy, which is physically manifested by getting Goosebumps. He claims that he uses the energy field of his own body to affect the world around him. The book is written in a style that is engaging to the reader and broken into short sections.

The book is supposed to be an introduction to the human energy body, with more detail available in Volume 2. While it was interesting to read the stories of the author’s person experience, I think the book missed the mark of being an introduction for beginners.

The last two sections of the book were the most informative from a beginner point of view. The author briefly mentions the relation to the Kundalini Awakening, the third eye, the sixth sense, and historic documents related to the principle of human consciousness being a manifestation of energy. He also touches on the idea of Frission, the feeling a person gets when listening to music, and its ability to change the energy state of the listener. I think this would have been the strongest argument for his belief that he is able to control his energy field.

The very last section of the book includes seven steps the author uses to achieve his energy surges. Basically, it asks you to go to “your happy place” and remember the feeling of that moment.

The section on High Vibing was both unexpected and seemed irrelevant. I failed to understand what the purpose of relating his experience with marijuana was for the reader.

I actually agree with the author on the whole. I do believe that we are able to control our emotions and this in turn affects loved ones, coworkers and even strangers we meet in our daily life. My only real issue with the book is that it does not achieve what the title sets out to do.

I give Goosebumps & The Energy Body 2 out of 4 stars. Overall, the book was a quick and easy read. It was interesting to read the personal anecdotes of the author and I could see how what he was describing correlates to the now mainstream concept of “The Law of Attraction”. If I did not already have some prior knowledge about these concepts though, I would have felt completely lost.

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Latest Review: "Raven" by Vasyl Shkliar

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