Official Review: The Fear Doctor by Vincent Stevenson

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Sam Ibeh
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Official Review: The Fear Doctor by Vincent Stevenson

Post by Sam Ibeh »

[Following is an official review of "The Fear Doctor" by Vincent Stevenson.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Have you ever found yourself heavily sweating when you needed to give a speech? I have had this experience multiple times. I remember the first time I was asked to do a song solo. I was so nervous that I wasn't only sweating in the air-conditioned room, I was singing flat and annoyingly off-key. Maybe, if I read The Fear Doctor by Vincent Stevenson, I would have had a better outing.

Vincent is an experienced public speaker, and he has seen all the dynamics of public speaking. With a career spanning over thirty-five years, he has so much to bring to the table. He does an excellent job of putting together a book that helps aspiring and professional public speakers deal with the fear and anxiety that comes with the job. This is a two-part book that teaches both the theoretical and practical aspects of public speaking. In the first part, the author takes the time to deal with the internal battles anyone who does any form of public presentation faces. The second part of the book was more practical as the author takes the reader through a series of exercises, which I will elaborate better in the latter part of this review.

I would recommend this book to people who do public speaking as a career. However, the teachings embedded in it would benefit everyone as we've always been faced with situations where confidence was required to deliver. These situations could be asking your crush out on a date, making an orchestral performance, or presenting a multi-million dollar project proposal to a board of executives.

What I liked most was the conversational writing style the author adopted. There was a sense of calmness and relaxation I felt while reading the book. It was apparent that Vincent had mastered the art of communicating his thoughts in the friendliest way possible. Additionally, the explanations of some concepts were simplistic. I enjoyed his views on the universal laws of public speaking. There was no jargon in the narrative. Hence, the reader wouldn't be overwhelmed by the complexities and technicalities of public speaking. This book was a simple and exciting read.

I liked the practical aspect of this book. There were exercises to help the reader get the hang of the technicalities and theatrics of public speaking. One essential exercise was practicing public speaking to yourself. This involved asking yourself a series of questions to get acquainted with every scenario you'd encounter. Other exercises included posture, breathing, and relaxation. The reader wouldn't be left to themselves, as diagrams were used to illustrate the exercises' effects. The author also provided links to video resources that'd help the reader with vocal preparations.

This was a well-written book that enjoyed professional editing. I have no reason to not give it 4 out of 4 stars.

The Fear Doctor
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Elvis Best
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Post by Elvis Best »

Public speaking scares the blues out of me. Being an introvert, I have tried my best to avoid situations where I have to speak in public, all my life. But it seems The Fear Doctor may help alleviate my situation. I'd check out this book. Thanks for the insightful review.
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Post by Joseph_ngaruiya »

Public speaking is not an easy task. Having done it, I know it requires confidence. I'd enjoy learning more from Vincent Stevenson. Thank you for your review.
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Adrianna Melillo
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Post by Adrianna Melillo »

"What I liked most was the conversational writing style the author adopted. There was a sense of calmness and relaxation I felt while reading the book. It was apparent that Vincent had mastered the art of communicating his thoughts in the friendliest way possible."

It's always nice to get the feeling that the author is a credible source. This sounds like a useful tool for anyone. At one point or another, we all have to either speak publicly or present ourselves/ideas to someone new. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Kirsi_78 »

Oh my, I so need to read this book! I am a nervous wreck whenever I have to deliver any public presentation, and it is annoying. Being nervous leads to lack of concentration and creates multiple mistakes. Maybe, just maybe, this book can help... I keep my fingers crossed ;)

Thank you for the review!
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Post by monicamu »

Sooner or later we all find ourselves in a situation where we have to speak in public. It sounds as though this book can not only help prepare us for that event, but also help us build confidence all round. Wouldn't it be great to feel confident the next time you ask the boss for an increase?
I think this is a skill we all need, and far too little time is spent preparing for it. I love the fact that there are practical exercises here too. Congratulations on BOTD and thanks for a great review.
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Post by Dayodiola »

No doubt, I need this book.
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Post by Priyanka2304 »

I really appreciated the way you started off with your own story to add momentum. Thanks for the amazing review. I highly need this book.
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Post by aaurba »

I wish I knew this book when I took the public speaking class last year. This could have helped me a lot. Thank you for your brilliant review! I'd read this one.
Nwaogazie Goodness
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Post by Nwaogazie Goodness »

If there's one thing I'd love to overcome, it is the fear of public speaking. I've tried, I've read books, I've taken courses. I think I'll just put more efforts into practicing and putting myself in the limelight.
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Post by Sabi_10 »

I am interested in learning how to be a better public speaker. You did justice to this review. Well done.
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Post by Kanda_theGreat »

The practical aspect of this book, especially the exercises, make it resonate with me. Thank you for your thorough analysis of the book. 💫
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Post by justhereader »

The first question hit right to the spot. I have always marveled at how well public speakers do it. I myself have always been afraid of speaking in public, even engaging a conversation with a fewer group of people gives me a stutter. This book could help me a lot as well as those people who have similar struggle as mine. Great review!
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Miriam Molina
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Post by Miriam Molina »

I don't have much opportunity to give speeches or presentations these days. But the author's tips can come in handy when the time comes. I'm glad the book is free.
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Vickie Noel
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Post by Vickie Noel »

This is a perfect review. I love public speaking, and I do it quite well. Still, it would be beneficial to get more tips from a veteran such as Vincent while acquiring practical suggestions to impart to those around me. I'll certainly be digesting the book's contents, thanks for sharing!
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