Official Review: God's Perfect Timing

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Official Review: God's Perfect Timing

Post by That Reviewer »

[Following is an official review of "God's Perfect Timing" by Melvin J Woodard III.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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One of the things I've found fascinating about the Bible is the historical timelines. The fact that I could trace the events that happened back to history is terrific. This was the primary reason I decided to read and review God's Perfect Timing by Melvin J. Woodard III.

This book provides a practical explanation of how an eternal God can also work within time. The author does an excellent job of establishing the importance of timing in the way God operates with His Creation. The author uses the ten chapters of this book to provide a concise analysis of the different timelines in biblical history, the major players in them, and their relevance to the world as we know it today. He goes further to examine future events using antecedents from things that happened in the past and things that are presently happening. If you're as excited as I am about a well-researched material explaining the events and timelines in the Bible, this book will be worth your while.

I was pleased to see the level of research the author put into this book. He wasn't merely presenting me with personal assertions or "revelations" from the Bible — he made statements of fact while making references to verified sources. His background as a Doctor of Divinity came to bear in this book. He provided notes that contained the resources that were cited in the book. Additionally, there were appendices, one of which provided the guide to the exact dates the author mentioned. I commend the author for covering as many grounds as possible in his research.

I stated earlier that this book is a practical one — and it wasn't a cliché. The author included practical workbooks at the end of each chapter. Each workbook contained questions the reader was supposed to answer and actions they ought to take afterward. Additionally, there was an opportunity to make notes after each chapter. However, I believed it would only be beneficial if the reader had a printed copy of the book. Nonetheless, these elements made the book engaging and easy to follow.

What I liked most was the timeline breakdown across the chapters. It reminded me of advice I always got from my life coach: "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." The author took the time to discuss the timelines in groups. The groupings started from the Adam-Noah dispensation through the Noah-Abraham and Saul-Solomon dispensations, all the way to the Revelations. This made it an easy-to-follow resource for anyone interested in the chronological history of the Bible.

The only thing I found disconcerting was the number of pages dedicated to the references. Against the usual style of making a drop-down list of the resources, the author dedicated one page to each reference. Thus, there were 65 pages used for the "References" session. Though it didn't affect my enjoyment of the book, I found it awkward.

Looking at the book holistically, I rate it four out of four stars because it was well written and professionally edited. As earlier stated, if you're interested in the Bible's chronological history and its relevance to humanity, this book would make a good read for you.

God's Perfect Timing
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Post by Joseph_ngaruiya »

My regards to you for the review, it is evident that the author did an excellent job. I've realized books in this genre require research and time. They also demand patience from a writer: Melvin J Woodard III got all the determinants head-on.
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Post by Ben97 »

Wow! That's an illuminating review and I think every Christian spiritual book reader will relish reading this book.

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Post by Mantha1 »

Such a detailed and great review. I could feel your excitement about this book through your review. Great job!

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Post by Uncle_Praise »

Awesome review and I can not but applaud the author for putting together this wonderful piece about God. Yes, I do believe in God's timing. Even in the Bible, there were scenarios where God's timing was described.

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Post by Chinelookeke »

When it comes to stories from the Bible,I always want to read them because they are wonderful and interesting stories that serve as a reminder about how awesome our God is. Beautiful book and a nice review.

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Post by Bing09Baring »

I absolutely love this book , God perfect timing, I am ready to learn and to know more about him. God bless readers❤🙂

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Post by FEislandqueen13 »

This book isn't my cup of tea. But i enjoyed the informative review.
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Post by Zee_Zee »

Awesome review. The book cover and title are magnetic. The moment I saw them I knew I wanted this book. More so, your review has heightened my desire. Kudos to the author for putting together this great piece.

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Post by Priyanka2304 »

Thanks for the detailed review. Books on spirituality least interest me. But this book seems to have a different feel to it.

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Post by Dreamer80 »

Honestly I'd find such a way of referencing awkward too, maybe the author didn't know or wanted to kind of emphasize? Anyway, your review was really great! thanks for this

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Post by Elvis Best »

There's a popular saying that God's time is the best, and I believe encapsulates that saying. I'd love to read the author's view though. Great review.
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Post by Momoftwo2020 »

This author did a wonderful job on this book and i would definitely buy it. Great job

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Post by kljrox »

I love the way the author has laid the book out, with chapters and the different timelines ending with a workbook for reflection. I had to smile while reading your review because I kept thinking of all the times that God showed me His time, and not mine, is what I should adhere to. This sounds like a beautifully written book and I thank you for your inspiring and informative review.
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Post by Lizziemarcel »

The title of the book is captivating, because I so much believe that Gods' timing supersedes my own timing, since the bible made us to understand that Gods' ways are not our way and His thoughts are far beyond ours.
Even the creation of the world was done with timing. I'm already in love with this book just by the title and preview.

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