Official Review: Preppers Medical Handbook

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Official Review: Preppers Medical Handbook

Post by That Reviewer »

[Following is an official review of "Preppers Medical Handbook" by William W Forgey.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Have you ever lost a loved one to an emergency health breakdown because you didn't know what to do at the time? Have you suffered deterioration in health due to a delay in getting medical help? If you've experienced any of these, then Preppers Medical Handbook by William Forgey may have been a life-saver. However, you should still have a copy handy for further emergencies that might arise in the future.

This book takes first-aid to a whole new paradigm. It provides a step-by-step guide on handling emergency health challenges if help is either not coming or will take a while. The author takes the time to show the reader how to handle various health conditions — from body malfunction to organ dysfunction. He further delves into off-grid assessment and treatment of common diseases and health conditions. There are a plethora of solutions to different health challenges this handbook covers. I highly recommend everyone gets a copy of this book.

I was endeared to this book because it opened my eyes to things I should have known before now. I lost a friend some years back because of the delay in getting help when he had an asthma attack. His inhaler stopped working, and he was dead before we could get to the nearest hospital. If I knew the things this book showed me, maybe I would have been able to save my friend's life. Like I said earlier, this book contains tips that could save lives in emergencies.

What I liked most was the format and arrangement of the book. The author was thoughtful enough to know that readers might be interested in different aspects of this book. To that end, he hyperlinked texts that would connect the reader to detailed resources on a particular subject. For instance, when he talked about how pulmonary embolus can mimic pneumonia, there was a link to more detailed information about pneumonia. Hence, if the reader needed more information about pneumonia, it could be easily and quickly accessed. Thus, navigating through different topics in this book was seamless.

The first chapter of the book was dedicated to laying the necessary foundation for the reader to benefit from its content. The author laid out four ways this book should be read. This outline gave me an idea of what to expect from the book. Also, it showed that this book shouldn't be a one-time read — it should be a resource to refer to continually.

The author also used diagrams to show how some steps in the book should be followed. This would help the untrained reader to apply these steps as though they had been trained. However, the author was careful to give disclaimers for cases that require special medical attention. Nonetheless, the illustrations would go a long way to help the reader, especially when a delay could be dangerous.

Everything about this book was top-notch — the writing, editing, and delivery. I rate it four out of four stars. People who live in remote areas, where access to a health facility could take a lot of time, should have this book handy. I also recommend it to everyone.

Preppers Medical Handbook
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Post by Lizziemarcel »

What a well composed, detailed review. This book has caught my attention since its educating and informative. With this book,one can assist and save a life since it has no duplicate. Kudos to the author for this book of nugget.
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Post by Nwaogazie Goodness »

I've always been a fan of knowing and learning every important thing. It is important that everyone reads this book, whether you're medically inclined or not. This will help. Thanks for this!
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Post by Priyanka2304 »

Wow, this book is an ultimate toolkit irrespective of whether we have medical background or not. The review too was insightful.
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Post by macleaney »

I don't consider myself a "prepper," but I am definitely adding this to my bookshelf. It sounds like it offers some very practical advice that would be very useful to anyone.
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Post by Arun_Bohra »

This book is very informative. I liked the way in which you wrote the review by putting the questions up front. Nice review!
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Post by damis »

As a doctor myself, I think it is really important to educate people so they can be ready to face emergencies, particularly in those that require a quick responce. Great review!
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Post by Doziesixtus »

A lot of people tend to think emergencies are for medical experts, from the review it's obvious that there are cases we could take charge and save a life. Thanks for the review.
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Post by sfettke »

With covid filling up hospitals and delaying doctor visits, this book seems especially timely, and the organization with hyperlinks makes it sound extra useful! I'll definitely be checking this one out!
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Post by carylinej »

I enjoy the whole aspects of health care and with a Medical Handbook like this, I would really use the information to assist myself and others. Thank you for allowing me to understand the importance of acquiring this book through your detailed review.
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Post by Devalsodha »

Its a very helpful book that can prove to be a life saver.
Thank you for the wonderful review!
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Post by Aline_SS »

This is a good book because it can help other people that do not have knowledge of doing first aids.
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Bhanu Kumar Mehta
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Post by Bhanu Kumar Mehta »

Definitely look forward to having this book, it's really necessary to have such, we should know many things which are necessary when no one can reach or is around and we are the only emergency person, being blank is not an option.
Florence P
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Post by Florence P »

First Aid is an essential element in life for everybody, to know how to preform, to safe a life someday. The writer has so well educated the people about First Aid.
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Post by Jeremypakan »

This book is very suitable in a precarious time especially at this time pademi, it takes special skills that may this book provides a way to cope with someone who is short of breath, maybe it's temporary help but serves to overcome the panic of the patient, I hope to link to download this book as an additional material of my knowledge
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