Official Review: A Soul's Journey by G C De Pietro

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Official Review: A Soul's Journey by G C De Pietro

Post by Helene_2008 »

[Following is an official review of "A Soul's Journey" by G C De Pietro.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Before this book, I had never heard of past life regression. Essentially, it is a form of therapy used to uncover previous lifetimes of the patient. While some searching online says it requires hypnotism, G. C. De Pietro, who is a past time regression therapist, says her patients are usually in the alpha state. For reference, hypnotism has patients between the alpha and theta states. De Pietro shares the idea that people are reincarnated again and again until they have learned a lesson. Usually, the lesson is to be compassionate, truthful, forgiving, and loving towards others. When I reflect on myself and others in my life, it is easy to believe that one would need many lifetimes to achieve this. Another interesting concept is that we are reincarnated with certain “soul groups.” This means that we come back with the same people each lifetime. An example would be your boss in one lifetime could be your brother in the next.

G. C. De Pietro reviews nineteen past life regressions during her book. First, she reviews the past lifetime, then talks about what happens in the Bardo, and then reflects on how the life is connected to her current life or other past lives. The Bardo is a really interesting conception. It is a time after one’s life and before they move onto the next life. In the Bardo, a person can talk with anyone they encountered during the lifetime. It seems to be a time of healing and reflection. Also, De Pietro explains that physical afflictions from our current life may be an imprint from a past life, especially if the current affliction can’t be explained. An example could be unexplained pelvic pain in this lifetime could be from an injury in a previous lifetime.

With so many past life regressions, it’s hard to pick a favorite. One that definitely stuck out to me is the nanny in London in the 1700's. The nanny is truly a brave and loving individual, but she meets an early end to her life. Going into the Bardo (this is the one past life where the individual does not go to the Bardo directly but is stuck in some sort of purgatory) the nanny feels unloved and undeserving of anything. As mentioned above, the Bardo can be a place of healing and the nanny meets with several people from her life, including the person she risked her life to save.

G. C. De Pietro is also an artist and used her talent to depict her past lives in this book. I enjoyed seeing her illustrations and especially liked the art pieces that were oil on canvas. While reading the past life regressions, I thought it was very interesting that De Pietro experienced a violent death numerous times. It made me wonder what I may have experienced in previous lives.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book is the charts she included did not appear correctly while reading the book on my Kindle app. Also, after some sentences there would be a space between the period and the next word and sometimes there wouldn’t. Other than these issues, I only found two errors. Therefore, the book seems professionally edited. After going through the past life regressions, De Pietro includes some Bible verses about the “harvest,” which is the next step after living our multiple lifetimes on a planet. My only criticism here is I think she should have used the New International Version (NIV) translation instead of the King James Version. I think NIV is just easier for the reader to understand.

I rate A Soul’s Journey 3 out of 4. I took off a point because of the dislikes mentioned above. I would recommend this book to those who are interested in past life regression and reincarnation. The book does have some violence and sexual content, making it most suitable for adults.

A Soul's Journey
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Post by book_fanatic_ »

This one seems to be really interesting. I've heard about past life regression but never paid much attention to it. After reading your review, I think I might give this one a try. Thanks for the detailed review.
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Post by Dannyphery »

Sounds like a really interesting read.
I'm sure I'll love it. Thanks for the review

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Post by Charisse29 »

I love this kind of a book because it talks about reincarnation or we know what are we in our past life its really interesting especially to me or other people who loved this kind of book. They always said that this is not real but a lot of people they believed in it because they experience it we cant judge them. The cover of the books its not that look good but i hope the cover will look so interesting like if the reader will see it and capture there eyes

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Post by Sheila_Jay »

I am learning about past time regression for the very first time in this review. I guess I need to read this book if I am to learn more about what it is all about. Thanks for the insightful review.
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Post by Kachi_Ejiogu+_ »

Quite commendable. The writer did great work, and so have you with this perfect review. I hope I enjoy this read as you did.

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Post by HusainNecklace52 »

I've never really come across this subject before. However, your review makes it sound quite interesting and I would love to dig deeper into the matter. Thanks!
:D :D

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Post by Frances019 »

Not sure I believe in past life regression, but it sounds like an interesting book nonetheless. Good review.

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Post by Zee_Zee »

This sounds like an interesting read but I'm not interested in past life regression and reincarnation. I'd have to pass on this one. Great review!

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Post by wendilou49 »

A very interesting review on what appears to be an interesting book. Although I don't personally believe in reincarnation, it's obvious that this book has much to offer to those who would delve into the concept. Thanks

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Post by Laurina_Olowo »

This is intriguing! I have never of this before. Is that possible? I can't even wrap my head around it. Thanks for this beautiful review.

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