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Review by Miks_solon -- Inviting Muslims to Christ

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Inviting Muslims to Christ" by Randall Ireland.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Inviting Muslims to Christ: A Clear Path to Salvation written by Randall L. Ireland, presents the essential ideologies of Islam and Christianity that will support the fundamentals of both religions. He gives a brief outline of the religions’ important messages: the Trinitarian origination of God and the understanding of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, he immersed himself in the basic doctrines of Judaism, as Christianity was associated with it in the past and all of the three major monotheistic beliefs. As much as Ireland promotes respect and kindness between the two religions—and tolerance for the offenses that have been made from the pasts on either side— his most profound reason is to depict and propose the Christian's perspective towards salvation, which he says was made conceivably by Jesus' service, crucifixion, and rebirth.

Clearly, the author, Randall, was a former hospice chaplain and the subject of the book reflects his forte. The central idea of his investigative book is Islamic Theology. Furthermore, Randall showcased exceptional knowledge of the religious choices we make during our entire life. The author perceived that there was a need to impart the Christian Gospel to Muslims around the world. This book incorporates the seeking for the truth, discernment for sustainability, mutual respect, and outlines that contrast the Biblical and Quranic content emphasizing the Jesus of the Bible and Isa of the Quran. “Respect the right of each faith to exist without any prejudice, enmity, or coercion between the respective faiths.” “ respect for each of our separate faiths.” These lines from the book provide a clear indication that it exhibits the Good News with respect and clarity, and presents clarifications of the Muslim faith that will help in understanding the foundation of both Christianity and Islam. The material and insightful analyses are impressive, and this research serves as a helpful reference tool for readers and future researchers hoping to explore the Bible and the Quran. This book gave abundantly clear arguments that although the Holy Bible and Quran shared some similar events and characters, it emphasizes that both are exclusively distinct. Wonderfully written into a broad context that the discourse was not limited to Christians and Muslims only; it involved other denominations as well.

Though obvious from the title that it is meant to lead Muslim people to Christianity, I just didn’t like the tone of the book wherein the author seemed to be one-sided that is written and solely based on a Christian point of view. It provides a heavily biased opinion from the Muslim people. However, the author did not discredit the beliefs of the Muslims and didn’t appear as it's a religio-centric to me. Overall, the book was excellently researched and despite my doubts, the author’s credibility is trusted that you can guarantee the quality of the book alongside the cited sources. Other than that, fortunately, I haven’t noticed any flaws in the book. When it comes to editing, there is one very minor grammatical error with regard to the capitalization of a pronoun that pertains to God.

As a Christian, I'm beyond satisfied with the book. The rating is 4 out of 4 stars. This is an ideal reference for research, analysis, and evaluation when studying two of the biggest religions in the world. The citations of sources are present, and the charts of comparisons between the two are cohesive though logical. In addition, I love how I was reminded of the Lord’s promises. It's a complete package of exercising faith while learning how to discern for others, despite the differences.

Readers who are keen on reading theological and philosophical pieces are suitable for this book. This teaches you to conceptualize these views in a bigger scope. Again, the discussion is not limited only to Muslims and Christians, yet also, to the other prevailing religions in the world. I also recommend this to those receptive Muslim brothers and sisters who are interested in the basis of our way of interpreting salvation. This book does not; in all forms, attempt to invalidate others’ beliefs, hence, this suits all readers irrespective of their age, gender, and above all, their religion.

Inviting Muslims to Christ
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