Official Review: The Pro-Achievement Principle

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Nickolas Farmakis
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Official Review: The Pro-Achievement Principle

Post by Nickolas Farmakis »

[Following is an official review of "The Pro-Achievement Principle" by Dr. Deborah Bright.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The Pro-Achievement Principle by Dr. Deborah Bright is a non-fiction book about how workers can become better achievers in their jobs by taking control of their actions and changing their attitudes. The writer uses numerous examples to illustrate her points, making this a practical book for readers. The language in the text is formal and sophisticated, while the author develops a persuasive tone.

The writer begins by identifying the difference between responsibility and responsibleness. Responsibleness is defined as the virtue that allows a person to take ownership of their tasks and look at what he/she can offer to improve the task he/she is doing. It is a behavior that makes an employee walk the extra mile, which can be very beneficial to any employer. Moreover, the author distinguishes pro-achievers from perfectionists and overachievers. The writer then explains the significance of attitude, indicating that an achieving attitude is necessary for a pro-achiever. She also compares pro-achievers with other types of workers, such as negativists, and superficial optimists, highlighting the fact that only a pro-achiever is suitable for leadership positions.

There were several positive characteristics in the book. The book was logically and coherently structured, permitting the reader to understand the writer’s arguments. The author was also very persuasive, as she used sophisticated and complex language, which added a sense of professionalism to the text. The author also utilized case studies and examples to further illustrate her opinions. Furthermore, the entire book only contained a couple of errors, hence the book was exceptionally edited. What I liked most about this guide was that it was practical, and the author helped the reader apply what he/she theoretically learned throughout the book.

What I disliked most about the guide was that it was boring, uninteresting, and monotonous in some parts. This was because the writer added irrelevant details and repeated herself numerous times, thereby creating a boring atmosphere in some cases.

The book is best suited for readers in leadership positions interested in making their employees pro-achievers. Older readers will enjoy this guide more, as younger readers may find it boring and monotonous. This book can be enjoyed by readers of all religions, including non-religion.

All in all, I rate this book with 3 out of 4 stars. It did not deserve a higher rating, as it was monotonous and uninteresting in a few places. Nonetheless, a lower rating would have been unfair, as this is a persuasive, logically structured, professionally edited guide.

The Pro-Achievement Principle
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Post by Kachi_Ejiogu+_ »

I like that the writer used numerous examples to illustrate her points, making it more relatable for the reader. Nice review.

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Post by Splendour0606 »

I applaud the authors persuasive writing, and I love the definition of responsibleness. Curious to know the difference between responsibleness and responsibility.Adding to my list.Thank you.

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Post by Ediomis_Enwongo01 »

This is one book that if the lessons embedded therein is imbibed, it would be a turning point for both the employee and the employer in any corporation. Great review.

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Post by Sheila_Jay »

I love books that challenge me to become a better version of myself such as this one. I find it very inspiring. Thanks for the insightful review.
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Post by Frances019 »

At first I wrote this off as a pretentious book about overachieving, but then you mentioned that the author distinguishes between overachieving and pro-achieving. I may give this book a quick look to read about the difference but I'm not expecting much out of it. Thanks for the review.

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