Review by That_Reviewer -- Burn Zones by Jorge P. Newbery

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Review by That_Reviewer -- Burn Zones by Jorge P. Newbery

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Burn Zones" by Jorge P. Newbery.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Life happens to everyone, and sometimes it can get really messy that you want to throw in the towel. Jorge Newbery’s memoir is a classic example of the saying that tough times don’t last, only tough people do. In his quest to have a pretty great life of tremendous achievements, he set out early to get his bite of the cake in the world of business. Just like every typical American desiring to live the American dream, he was determined and undeterred. He tried his hands on so many ventures from paper delivery to real estate. A major natural disaster happened that affected one of his biggest investments. To recover from the rubble, he was plunged into huge debts. Jorge Newbery’s survival journey is contained in the pages of his memoir, Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands.

Truth be told, memoirs can be boring. There are only a few memoirs that fit the bill of being informative, insightful, and interesting at the same time. In all honesty, Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands by Jorge P. Newbery is an embodiment of the three attributes I mentioned above. This is a classic page-turner that keeps the reader glued to it from start to finish. Jorge’s story appeals to everyone who either wants to run a successful business someday or is currently running one but facing some sorts of difficulties. Anyone who reads this book will definitely pick one lesson or two that will help them navigate the rough waters of life or business.

Jorge’s writing style was what thrilled me the most as I read through the pages of this memoir. He was simplistic in the presentation of his thoughts. His words had a way of playing rhythmically in my head like a delightful sonnet. This made this book engaging and easy to read. He avoided the use of jargon though he was vastly experienced in the business world. As a matter of fact, a High School kid will understand this book as well as a college professor. This is what I liked most about this book. This book was such a joy to read.

One more thing I picked out from the book was how Jorge’s personality was given full play. He laid himself bare for anyone reading this book to easily connect to his person and the struggles he faced. Though he couldn’t escape sharing his accomplishments, this book was about how he navigated the challenging waters of life and business. This, for a fact, inspired the title of this book, Burn Zones. This is one of the few memoirs where the author was completely down to earth in sharing his experiences in life and business.

There was absolutely nothing I disliked about this book. The writing was top-notch and the editing was professional. Without bias, I rate it four out of four stars. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get some practical insights on how to overcome the challenges that come with running a business.

Burn Zones
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Post by Sam Ibeh »

I read this book and reviewed it. I must say that I agree with everything you said about this book. That's a well crafted review.

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Post by Maria Esposito »

I have also read and reviewed the book and agree with everything you've written in the review. It is true that Jorge was very transparent and vulnerable in his memoir. Great job!
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Post by Tomah »

It looks like everyone here has read and enjoyed the book, so I'm afraid I can't offer anything new in terms of commentary. Well, there's nothing one can do about it: when something is good, it's good. Thanks for the review!

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Post by kandscreeley »

A memoir that keeps you turning pages? That's unusual. I haven't found many of those. Thanks for your thoughts on this one. You make it intriguing.
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Post by Julius_ »

I've also read and reviewed this book. The author seems hardworking from w very tender age. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Prisallen »

This book certainly sounds inspiring for anyone in the business world or for those who are down on their luck. Thank you for the wonderful review!

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Post by Faithmwangi »

I have read this book as well and I found it inspiring. Jorge's resilience is one to be admired. Thanks for the review.
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Post by NetMassimo »

It's not easy to write this kind of book, and from what you write the author found a way to be engaging, surely one reason why it's so successful among OBC's reviewers. Thank you for your review!
Ciao :)

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Post by Jachike Samuelson »

I read an excerpt from the book a while ago and loved it. Your review only makes me want to pick it up the more. Great review.

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Post by AvocaDebo621 »

The book is a simple narrative of the author’s life and his experience, rather than a preachy “how-to guide” to instant success. Loved reading it. I really enjoyed your review. 😊

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Post by Miraphery »

The book seems interesting and your review makes me want to read it. I love your review, good job.

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Post by praise+anyi »

Funny as it may sound, memoirs aren't my thing. But your descriptive review has really endeared me to this work. I applaud your great work.

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Post by Cynthia_Oluchi »

I feel like I am the only one who is yet to be overwhelmed by the page-turning effect of this book. Your review is quite descriptive. It makes me want to jump right into this book.

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Captain 365
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I love memoirs especially when they are well crafted. The description offered here is quite captivating. I'm sure that anyone would love to flip through the pages of this book.

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