Review by Dragonsend -- The Biblical Clock

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Review by Dragonsend -- The Biblical Clock

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The Biblical Clock" by Daniel Friedmann and Dania Sheldon.]
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I don't really have a problem with scientific data one day discrediting the Bible's version of creation but I know many people have difficulty reconciling the two. Because of my faith in God, it is a mystery that I don't usually question. Science hasn't been able to disprove God creating the universe, though there are many hypotheses used to try to do just that. However, they are not indisputable proof. I am glad I chose this book to review because it has a wealth of information. One thing that stood out to me is someone had figured the age of the universe way before the science or the technology that we have today was in existence. Now modern science has caught up and the means-to-an-end are different but the dates are in close proximity. It really makes you shake your head and ask, 'What do we really know by faith alone?' Imagine playing catch-up to an ancient teacher or student of God's word with modern science. As the author pointed out in his writing this was a surprise to him as well as a surprise to another student of the Kabbalah, Kaplan. When Kaplan was going through texts of the Kabbalah, he found calculations from the 13th century. The authors take us on a journey of these writings dating back to the 1200s.

The Biblical Clock by Daniel Friedmann and Dania Sheldon is a novel well written on some levels and what I thought to be a little too loose with facts on others. Let me explain. The authors have done an enormous amount of research. Hundreds of sources are used. Just a note here, these are all cited by chapter at the end of the book. The author did a tremendous job putting these findings into a comprehensive and easy order to follow. The original texts and their authors are put into a scenario created by Daniel Friedmann and Dania Sheldon suited to the time they are written and facts about the scholars. I won't argue this isn't an engaging way to present the information, but my thoughts are that the author used a little too much creative license and this detracted from the overall validity of the book. At one point the author makes up and end-times scenario to explain a timetable and it took away from what he was trying to explain.

Taking everything into consideration, the book is very well researched and most definitely professionally edited. I found no grammatical or spelling errors. Care, time and thought we're put into the planning and writing of this book. There is a glossary at the back of the book, and I do have one complaint. The author should have made a note of which characters he had made up. There are also simple graphs about timelines that are talked about, this helps with some of the ideas discussed in this novel. There were also photographs throughout, and this added to the overall enjoyment of the book. Their sources are also noted at the back of the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone, student, teacher, scholar or layperson. You don't have to think debate or you're going to make a definitive decision about what you believe about Creation, but you are going to get the information you might not have had before. I definitely enjoyed the book on that level.

I awarded the book four out of four stars. This book was informative, surprisingly simple to follow, and well thought out. The few things that I disliked about the book didn't really warrant the loss of a star.

The Biblical Clock
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I like to read ancient books like the Bible, but some part of it does not make sense to me. It's interesting to read your review and find out new opinions. Thanks for that.
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As a Christian I'm definitely going to give this book a read, I'm actually very excited about it. It sounds like a exceptionally interesting read and would streght my faith even more and help me answer some of my questions I have or bring about more questions
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