Official Review: The Land of Sunshine and Hell

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Re: Official Review: The Land of Sunshine and Hell

Post by Bukola02 »

This memoir is very emotional, it's very challenging having to give up a child under such circumstance.i'm much interested in finding out how she got out of an abusive relationship. Thanks for the review.

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Post by LeDiplomatique »

This is a touching story. Giving your own away to protect a family name and avoid shame is not the solution, but circumstances force many teenage mothers to do so. This is a book with great lessons and I love the insight in your review. Congratulations BOTD.

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Post by Misael »

It takes courage for someone to detail her life and put her experiences in book and face probable ridicule or criticisms afterwards. There is always learning to be had from true stories and I am looking forward to read this novel and learn about life, its beauty and ugliness, hardships and happiness. I would like know how the author was able to cope up with her choice in life. Was she able to see her first child at this present period? Does she has any idea of what happened or where she could see her first child? These and a lot more questions as are just some of the stiff I am looking forward to know. Congrats!

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Post by bb587 »

This memoir talks a lot about teenage pregnancy and adoption. Being in that situation must have been really hard. Then, the author was in an abusive marriage. Good thing she chose to get out of that situation.

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Post by cynthia28 »

This seems like a heartbreaking story, I could feel the emotion just based your excellent review

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Post by maxiphemmax »

Well, some tribes or religion folks still see early pregnancy out of wedlock as ridicule and as uncommon. Time has changed, but values shouldn't change either. The story is something I would love to read. It's touching. Thanks for this review.

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Post by Rancy_Chepchirchir »

Great review! I can't imagine how it's like to endure years of marital emptiness nor open-discrimination. This is a story of pure sadness, and i'm just left to wonder whether it's better having someone whom you still can't connect emotionally or having no one at all. The outcome made it all worth it in the end, and I've never been inspired this much before! Great read! Congrats on the selection!

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Post by iknwuzoh »

This book is about relationships an marriage. Maxene's teenage life is detailed here. Nice job. Thanks for the review.

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Post by ccundall2130 »

This book sounds very interesting if not incredibly sad. I can only empathize how she felt having to give up her child for adoption and feeling like the choice was taken away from her. Even though this book is based upon a time most feel long gone, there is still that negative stigma today around teen pregnancy and there may be people that this book can inspire to stand up for themselves.

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Post by Official_Sammie »

The stigma ladies experience due to teenage pregnancy is still on today and needs to be addressed. Yet I advise teenagers to be careful, as a little mistake can make there life journey really difficult. Seems like an interesting book with alot of experience. Nice review.

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Post by Adedayo+23 »

In this day and age where reality tv glorifies teenage pregnancy, it is interesting to read about a different time period when it was considered a taboo. I feel for the author, being left with no other choice but to give up her child, then having her loss go unacknowledged like that. Thanks for your insightful review.
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Post by wendilou49 »

i grew up in this era and saw more than one girl go away for a few months and then return home. Later, pregnancies and adoptions were revealed. This review makes the book sound both sad and provocative. Congrats on BOTD

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Post by Mmg8464 »

I can’t imagine what Maxene has gone through at a young age and at a time when it was not accepted by society. I hope there’s a good outcome in this story. Thanks for your review!

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Post by rjohnston815 »

This was a well written review, and gives me the impression that I initially had after reading the sample on Amazon. This appears to be a book that will be thoughtful and heartfelt. I too enjoy when authors include actual letters or notes from their lives, so the idea that there are diary entries from the authors life included in the novel make it a potential read for me.
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Post by cristinaro »

I'm not a reader of memoirs, but I appreciate Maxene's courage to tell her story. It must have been more than heart-breaking to be forced to give up your child and later to face an abusive husband. Thank you for your review!
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