Official Review: The Land of Sunshine and Hell

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Re: Official Review: The Land of Sunshine and Hell

Post by Ray32 »

A lot of people always look at these type of situations through the eyes of the child but hardly ever through the eyes of the mother. I hope through this memoire people stop persecuting and ridiculing those who put their children up for adoption and understand that sometimes there is no other alternative. Thank you for your wonderful review!!!

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Jachike Samuelson
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Post by Jachike Samuelson »

I've heard that young mothers sometimes feel serious grief when they give up their kid for adoption; as much as others would feel for aborting a child or having one die. This sounds like an inspiring story. Thanks for this review.

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Post by ellieonline03 »

I think it's always difficult for mothers to give up their child for adoption, no matter what the circumstances are. I added this to my to-read list.
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Post by Wyland »

I like this book because it deals with real life problems of unwanted pregnancies and abusive relationships. Its sad to know that the author went through all these issues and lived to tell the tale. Thanks for the interesting review.

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Post by Mandylu77 »

I have only read the preview of The Land of Sunshine and Hell but it is a book that I would like to read. The preview left me wanting to find out what choice Maxene makes. It makes one think about how women basically have 4 options when it comes to pregnancy, keep it and get married keep it and be unwed mother, abortion or adoption. At the time Maxene had to make her choice society made one believe that there was only one option a young girl could pick.

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Post by Vickie Noel »

It's one thing for a child to be adopted because of the loss of parents, but it's a whole different ballgame when at least, the mother is still very alive and well. I can't imagine having the pain of a woman who's bonded with her child for 9 months and that bond gets broken like that. I wonder if she ever located the child again. The author's resilience is certainly evident. Thanks for the review.
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Post by bellajavier »

Your review piqued my interest! It is very well written. The book seems like a heartbreaking story. Thank you for this!

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Post by Falconcrest »

I actually know someone in foster care right now, and this story is so compelling and am sure has the information am looking for. Thanks for a great review.

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Post by Han26+ »

I don’t often read memoirs. Though I understand this woman has certainly been through a variety of extremely hard decisions and life events, and has had a lot of bravery to put it all down on paper, I won’t be reading this book for personal reasons.

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Pearl Hijabi
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Post by Pearl Hijabi »

I admire the author's strength in life. She seems to have gone through a lot. At the time it seems the only aim was to avoid scandals. who know what the ladies have gone through. Thank you for a great review.

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Post by Gcereview1978 »

A very painful review! She endured too much suffering about her child she had given up for adoption plus abuse in the hands of his husband. Thank you

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Post by dragonet07 »

This memoir seems so heartbreaking, but I’m glad to see that the author has made it through the hard times to tell her story. I can’t imagine how hard all of these decisions must have been to make and then live with, but at least by sharing them, she can show other young women in similar situations that they are not alone and that they can make it through the dark times. Thank you for the helpful review.
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Post by Fazzier »

I admire the author resilience of how she dealt with the stigmatization of teenage pregnancy. Though the world is not as hostile to such incidences as it was it the past, some cases still exist in the contemporary times. I love memoirs, and this seems like one I can enjoy reading. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review!

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