Review by _l_e_x_y_22 -- Burn Zones by Jorge P. Newbery

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Latest Review: Burn Zones by Jorge P. Newbery

Review by _l_e_x_y_22 -- Burn Zones by Jorge P. Newbery

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Burn Zones" by Jorge P. Newbery.]
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As a child, George P Newbery grew up with a fairly normal family. He showed signs of entrepreneurship and leadership, from a very young age when he took control and decided to get a job as a paperboy. From there he saved up and made enough money to buy an ice cream bike so that he could sell ice cream and keep working. After that he started working as a busboy, throughout the beginning first weeks he showed how hard-working and responsible he was even as a young 13-year-old. Eventually, he started to work to create his own record company, he started interviewing many rock bands and eventually became very good friends with many of these bands as well as lent his home to them. He even bought a stage and started renting it out to many different bands who needed it. By the age of 19, he was looking for something new and he decided that biking was going to be his new interest, he got a job at an insurance company and biked professionally on the side. Newbery sought out more experienced bikers than him and got their advice which helped him improve drastically and very quickly and helped him move his way up the categories. He ended up moving on and getting higher and higher in the insurance business until eventually, he made his own business. He got very into buying and fixing up properties so eventually, he left his insurance company and started doing that full-time until he ran into one of the biggest burn z`ones he ever experienced which was Woodland Meadows.

George P. Newbery the author of Burn Zones explained in his own words his own life story, it starts as a child throwing newspaper and slowly progresses until he's an adult. As a child, he describes himself as very shy and hard-working. He explains his different jobs and his experiences with them, from throwing newspaper as a young boy to interviewing insane rock bands and even bicycling. This memoir is very inspiring, the author uses his own experiences to influence others to step out of their comfort zones and work through times of struggles, or like he likes to call them burn zones. The story focuses on his multiple struggles throughout all of his careers and all of his adventures from when he was a child and no one took him seriously, to when he was bicycling and had to push through times where he was exhausted from the ride and didn't know if he could keep going.

His will to succeed and never give up as well as his love of challenges led to his biggest burn zone when he purchased Woodland Meadows which was a massive apartment complex with 1,100 units. The property was in a very rough part of town and was filled with gang activity, drugs, and prostitution. As someone who had already dealt with challenges like this with his other properties, Newbery thought that he could do it and it was another burn zone that he would get through.

George P Newbery is very inspiring, the struggles he faced throughout childhood and throughout his adulthood are so raw and emotional. From his struggles biking and being a newbie in the biking scene, to going into debt because of his strong will and especially him having to go through the death of his father. His memoir was so personal and touching that I absolutely fell in love with it. I felt emotions for the situations the author went through that I did not expect to feel. As someone who usually dislikes memoirs, I found myself strangely captivated by the author's life.

His writing style and word Choice were enthralling and very different than other memoirs I have read. The author is very professional with his writing, there was no kind of inappropriate language in this book and he didn't include any inappropriate scenes that weren't tasteful or needed, the only scene is a short description of a visit to a strip club. What I love most about this book was how truthful the author was with everything I didn't feel like he was hiding anything or that he wasn't being his true self while writing this book. I don't even have a most negative part of this book, I think that the way the author wrote it and everything in it was very important to the story. It seems professionally edited, to the point where I found no typos or any mistakes. I rated this book of 4 out of 4 stars I couldn't imagine giving it anything less, the story was one of the best I've read. This book is so inspiring, I think it's something that would be very helpful to all ages. He explains struggles that almost anyone could relate to from children to teens and even adults.

Burn Zones
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Post by AvocaDebo621 »

The book is a simple narrative of the author’s life and his experience, rather than a preachy “how-to guide” to instant success. Loved reading it. I really enjoyed your review. 🙂

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I have been debating on reading this book ever since it popped up as a book to review. However, I am not normally a non-fiction fan when reading for pleasure. It sounds like there are elements that are more story-driven, however, so maybe I'll give it a shot.
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