Official Review: Speak Peace

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Renu G
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Official Review: Speak Peace

Post by Renu G » 08 Sep 2019, 07:03

[Following is an official review of "Speak Peace" by Lyn Ford and Sherry Norfolk, Editors.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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A few weeks ago, I gave a talk during a conference on united action for universal peace. It is the need of the hour all over the world. Hence, the title of this book captured my attention. Peoples are divided because of religious differences, racism, and politics, etc. We constantly receive news about disharmony and violence in our localities as well as the wider world. A few people pause to ask themselves what and how they can contribute to society to build peace. Inspired by conversations about such issues on Facebook, this book is compiled by Lyn Ford and Sherry Norfolk. It consists of brief reflections, quotations, poems, interviews, and stories shared by people from different walks of life, including writers, storytellers, activists, and teachers.

What is peace? Is it the silence of the graveyard? Is it something spiritual and deep within our hearts that cannot be shaken by external events? Is it achieved by tolerating injustices and avoiding conflicts? Can there be peace if nations close their borders to refugees? The questions we often ask are endless, but Speak Peace: Words of Wisdom, Work & Wonder is an anthology of creative responses to them by individuals from various parts of the world.

“Constructive storytelling” is a powerful means to conscientize and motivate readers to desire, speak, and act for peace. In this publication, there are narratives about nurturing peace in daily life and promoting an inclusive attitude that celebrates variety. It contains thoughts and narratives about renowned personalities like Kahlil Gibran, Mahatma Gandhi, and Franklin Roosevelt. I resonate with Jessica Senehi when she says, “Peace is not merely the absence of war and violence; it is also the presence of social justice.” Little children in schools make astonishing statements that could fill our eyes with tears. The sharing regarding refugees is touching. Additionally, there are remarkable fables, folktales, and legends to promote peace.

The best thing about the text is that every chapter reveals a different shade of peace. It also gives importance to educating children for peace. Some of the stories were already known to me, but I was pleased to read them once more. Nevertheless, I do have one criticism. The subtitle Words of Wisdom, Work & Wonder is vague, and its connection with the three parts of the book is not immediately obvious. I was filled with wonder when I read the section on wisdom, and I found a lot of wisdom in the section on wonder. In my opinion, the term “Action” would have been more suitable than “Work.” For all these reasons, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I found a few grammatical errors, but they were not distracting. I did not give a lower rating because I appreciate the writers who care to build peace in the world. Their sharing is interesting, and such endeavors must be encouraged.

Speak Peace is ideal for students, teachers, and libraries of academic institutions. It may appeal to people who have experienced violence and long for a peaceful world for themselves and their children. Activists may find the contents very useful for organizing events and workshops on this theme.

Speak Peace
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Post by AntonelaMaria » 10 Sep 2019, 06:11

This is such a beautiful review. I agree with you. I think this book is more important in today's world than ever before. There is so much antagonism and divide. I'm no stranger to war, and this sounds interesting to read.

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Rachel Lea
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Post by Rachel Lea » 10 Sep 2019, 08:30

I really appreciate this book's message. With so much division nowadays, it would be wonderful if people would just sit back and remember that we are all still human beings, no matter which side of the debate we're on. Thanks for your review!
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Post by kandscreeley » 10 Sep 2019, 11:21

I love that there are so many different aspects of this book designed to promote peace. It sounds amazing despite the errors. Thanks for the review.
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Nizar Ali Shah
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Post by Nizar Ali Shah » 10 Sep 2019, 12:55

"Speak Peace" by Lyn Ford and Sherry Norfolk.The writers rightly say that peace is the desperate need of the world, for they stress the need for united actions for universal peace.In the changing world of today, people are divided over religion, religious issues,racism and politics.These differences have created disharmony and conflict in our localities and the world at large.The authors cite Khalil Gibran, Mahtama Ghandhi and Franklin Roosevelt, who in their individual capacity tried to bring peace.A few individuals ask themselves what and how they can contribute to society to bring peace. Jessica Senehi had rightly said that peace is not merely absence of war and violence it should also be the presence of social justice.
The is useful for students, parents school teachers as well people of the civil society.Different workshops ans seminars should be conducted to promote peace in the society.Education is the important sector where all students should know about the importance of peace

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Post by sarahmarlowe » 12 Sep 2019, 08:09

I had seen this title and wondered about it. I was excited to find your thorough, clarifying review! It sounds like a great read -- one that could affect many demographics.
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Post by Sheila_Jay » 12 Sep 2019, 14:29

This book has a strong theme and message, that of peace. I believe that is one of the most important things that we need in the world. I am happy that the author took time to explore several different shades of peace in this book. Thank you for this excellent review.

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Post by MrunalT » 13 Sep 2019, 01:11

Political unrest, divisions based on religion, are almost global phenomenon. Peace should definitely be spoken about. I am interested in knowing what shades of peace the authors have discussed in the book. Peace can definitely have several meanings depending on the context.

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Post by hoseib87 » 13 Sep 2019, 05:53

In today's world, I wish all countries were side by side, but the Yemeni and ISIS crises all show that some countries are opposed to some religions and I think that all religions should be respected and we should all respect each other. Let's build the world side by side and put aside the differences

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Post by kdstrack » 14 Sep 2019, 18:57

I appreciated the question, "What is peace?" People can run in many directions if they have not defined their idea of peace. I wonder how many similar or different aspects of peace all the different articles present. Thanks for the recommendation!

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