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Review by ciecheesemeister -- Inspirience: Meditation Un...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Inspirience: Meditation Unbound" by Richard L Haight.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The following is my review for Inspirience: Meditation Unbound by Richard L Haight. I reviewed the audiobook version, which is read by the author.

From the beginning, Mr. Haight presents himself as an ordinary person who has gained insight into discovering seemingly secret knowledge of the self and the world around us through the practice of meditation. He shares his personal experiences and the mistakes he made along the way. Rather than presenting himself as a guru, he presents himself as a teacher. He is not above his audience, rather he is simply a person who has walked the path and wishes to share what he has learned.

Mr. Haight became interested in metaphysics at twelve years old when he had several precognitive dreams. Believing that he might have a special psychic gift, he began studying parapsychology. His experiences led him to the practice of martial arts and, eventually, to question some of the beliefs he had about himself and about mysticism and psychic phenomena. He became more interested in meditation as a result of his martial arts training.

The meditation techniques presented in this brief volume are surprisingly uncomplicated and effective. There is no need for a myriad of paraphernalia. Not even a single candle is called for. There is no need to block out large amounts of time in order to meditate. There is no need to sit in an uncomfortable position. There is no need to call on a given deity or entity. A mere five minutes while walking or performing daily tasks while keeping alert to one’s surroundings comprises Mr. Haight’s basic meditation technique. Mr. Haight also offers several focused meditation techniques. None of them are difficult or require any special items.

Inspirience: Meditation Unbound does not adhere to or advocate for any particular system of religious belief and is appropriate for anyone regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof, with the caveat that some people who ascribe to an orthodox or fundamentalist belief system of whatever religious denomination may feel that engaging in practices such as meditation goes against the teachings of their religion.

People who have tried meditation in the past and been frustrated by an inability to focus will find Mr. Haight’s suggestions refreshing and may decide that meditation is a practical and pleasant practice for daily living. Mr. Haight’s style is refreshingly simple, presented in a candid and straightforward way and his personal story is quite compelling. Inspirience: Meditation Unbound is just shy of four hours long and is easy and interesting to listen to. This audiobook is a wonderful addition to the library of anyone who is interested in meditation and martial arts, regardless of whether they are new to the practice or an experienced veteran.

The thing I liked most about Inspirience: Meditation Unbound was the author’s casual, candid approach and surprisingly simple and realistic suggestions for developing a personal meditation practice.

The thing I liked least was the fact that at the very end the narrative bogged down into the sort of Zen philosophical musings which I always found frustrating when studying Buddhism, i.e. “isness is this, and yet it is not,” which went on for several minutes. This musing comprises only a brief chapter, and it did not detract from my enjoyment of the book, but I felt that it was not in keeping with the overall impressive practicality of the majority of the book.

This audiobook will be a welcome addition to the library of anyone who is interested in metaphysical or spiritual subject matter or those who are interested in relaxation and self-reflection regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs. Those who believe practices such as meditation go against their religious beliefs and those who are looking for an action-packed story will probably not enjoy this book.

I give Inspirience: Meditation Unbound by Richard L Haight four out of four stars. As I was listening to rather than reading the book, there was no way for me to determine whether there were any spelling or other technical errors. The listening experience was enjoyable and informative.

Inspirience: Meditation Unbound
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