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Latest Review: What is priest Nation, The Seed, and the H5G by Herbert Scholes
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Official Review: What is priest Nation, The Seed, and the...

Post by Momiji1987 » 08 Jul 2019, 00:59

[Following is an official review of "What is priest Nation, The Seed, and the H5G" by Herbert Scholes.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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What is Priest Nation, the Seed, and the H5G? by Herbert Scholes is a book describing the origin, proof, and techniques the author received from God regarding a new method of teaching the gospel to others. Scholes believes he has discovered the missing piece for fulfilling the prophesied future of a unified Christianity through becoming our biblical identity as priests. Scholes has also developed the High Five Gospel (H5G), a simplified idea for delivering the message of Jesus’s birth, life, death, and sinners’ salvation in a digestible form. Scholes hopes these ideas will unite the Christian community and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple, effective, and fail-proof way so that no believer will be left clueless when asked the question, “what is the gospel?”

Herbert Scholes is a humble man (a trucker by profession), with no advanced degrees or education. His book is likewise lacking in some of the polish and organization it needs. He absolutely makes attempts at organization, but I felt the testimonials were a bit too scattered. He either repeated points or added more detail later that would have been better to know in the beginning; especially since the details support his revelations and provide background for his beliefs. I would also remove some of the repetitive sales-pitch language about the songs and the website. In doing so, the book will benefit from a more professional, streamlined delivery of his message. That being said, he did a pretty good job overall; particularly with the sections that emphasized his scriptural proof for choosing the name “priest nation” to represent the future unification of Christianity.

It is evident from reading this book that Scholes takes every single one of his revelations very seriously. He has meticulously thought over every aspect of the design for his logo and explains every line, symbol, word, and meaning for his choices in painstaking detail. He does the exact same thing when describing his choice for the name, Priest Nation and delivers a chart with every scripture we should memorize in order to perform the H5G using nothing more than the five fingers of our hand. His aim is to make this delivery so easy, even children can perform it. In this way, the message of salvation is clearly explained and more souls can be claimed for God.

This book is difficult to summarize, but it is primarily a compilation of the ideas Scholes has developed and put on his website, He is attempting to create a new, unified church of Christians that agree on the basic principles of biblical truth while discarding useless traditions and man-made doctrines that separate us into denominations. Like the book, the website is in its developmental stages. He has the basis for a movement of great potential, but more organization, structure, and funding is needed. I would love to eventually hear full orchestrations for his original songs. Scholes has the talent and possesses the “seeds” for what could be a powerful move of the spirit in years to come.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. The book is not flawless, but still pretty good considering the author’s inexperience with professional writing and editing. This book probably won’t appeal to everyone in its current form, but the potential is definitely there. I give his ideas 4 stars because simplifying the gospel and sharing it in the way he suggests is a brilliant idea. Anyone looking for a catchy, more fun way to deliver the good news should check out the High Five Gospel themselves and incorporate it into their methods for evangelism.

What is priest Nation, The Seed, and the H5G
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Post by kandscreeley » 09 Jul 2019, 10:48

I'm a bit leery of anyone that claims to have new revelations about Christianity, the gospel, or Jesus. For that reason, I doubt I'll read it. Your review was interesting, though. Thanks.
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Post by Prisallen » 12 Jul 2019, 08:25

It sounds like he has good intentions of making the gospel known a little easier for the majority of people. I would be interested in reading it, but I'm not sure if I would like it at this point. Thanks for a great review!

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