Featured Official Review: Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute [May 2021 Book of the Month]

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Drey McClain
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Re: Featured Official Review: Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute [May 2021 Book of the Month]

Post by Drey McClain »

Wow what an inspiration book to read probably every Christian can read it, it has transformed my dreams
lazarus Jeremiah
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Post by lazarus Jeremiah »

the book was very interesting is making me to
to know who am I
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Post by Darvai »

Not to be afraid to succeed in your big dreams.
This to set a goal for it and with that explore, abilities to accomplish the goal successfully all kinds of challenges in life.
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Post by Maimubee »

The book is a very interesting self-help, spiritual and motivational book, the writer did a good job of ensuring that the detailed instructions carried with it an impressive activity to help pull through each motivational step. I find it captivating and a good tool for combating fear of limitation and mediocrity.
Latest Review: Legacy by Chris Coppel
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Post by Fleurine_t92 »

This one gave thoughts to me. But actually the prices and costs of the dream were too high for you to reach. What will you do? For me it's impossible to make it happened just myself staying here in Myanmar. We lost our chances to dream our future and do whatever we wanted. Everything was limited only rich people can dream and do whatever they want or even if they stole our dreams and projects we couldn't do anything. In this cover, it's like the child who wanted to be Mongolian very much. He learned how to make ⛺ and how to live like them. His father didn't want him to dream this impossible thing but with his mother's support at last his dream came true. But at there, he knew how they lived and his family started breaking sound between mom and dad and then he decided to go back. In his mind, dream were always part of him. The truth wasn't like this.
Musonda Bwalya
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Post by Musonda Bwalya »

This book so interesting and apply to one's lifestyle very motivational people who will read this book their mind sets won't be the same
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Post by Suvendu »

The review explains the book in a simplistic way and it urges other readers to go through the book at least once. Thanks for the review and I shall definitely read the book.
Miriam nkere
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Post by Miriam nkere »

What an interesting review, this book is a must read because we all need divine direction, and guidance. Good book
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Post by Mrihil_Mrihil »

It’s a very self-help and simple book, I like how the author delivers the information, well written
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Post by Sheilaread »

Thank you for a great well-written review. You gave great information and insight to show us just how much we need to read this book and apply it to our own lives. I love Christian books and self-help books, but when an author combines the two, then I’m really quite interested! I will be reading this for sure.
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Latest Review: Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature by Chet Shupe

Post by AbhyarnaAman »

Rosemary Wright wrote: 01 Jul 2019, 07:18 Its good to find that the book is so good for its target audience. I hope I might still get some tips from this :)
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By Rob White
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Post by lovebugg27 »

I love how it depicts ones dreams and accomplishes. It was a very good choice. I also liked reading the personal stories that have been posted as well.
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Cigdem Mereal
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Post by Cigdem Mereal »

Thank you for your awesome review! Sounds like an interesting book. I haven't read any self-growth book that includes religion as a big part of it.
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Post by DeeFadzyie »

This book is a must read judging from the amazing review. A self help book to follow one's dreams and a rare find.
Mary Fechner
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Post by Mary Fechner »

Seems like a would be writer can learn much from reading this book. I think I will give it a read. I already agree to allow thoughts to flow and edit and review after the thought process is finished.
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