Official Review: Dirty Science by Bob Gebelein

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Chelsy Scherba
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Official Review: Dirty Science by Bob Gebelein

Post by Chelsy Scherba »

[Following is an official review of "Dirty Science" by Bob Gebelein.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Have you ever experienced the paranormal, had a prophetic dream, or expressed your belief in God? Have you also been threatened with intimidation, ridicule or dismissal for displaying these beliefs to anyone in the scientific community? You’re not alone.

Dirty Science by Bob Gebelein is written by a Harvard graduate who is fully aware of the bias against legitimate studies of the mental and spiritual realms. This bias is not only prevalent in science, but in the academic world at large. To him, it is an absolute travesty that unscientific methods are preventing our cultural advancement and understanding of these topics. Scientists regularly put forth refutations and criticism of what they refer to as “pseudoscience” and propagate the only accepted agenda that all must robotically parrot: there is nothing in existence beyond the physical world. The author strongly disagrees with this approach because of his own self-discoveries in psychotherapy and spiritual enlightenment. This book teaches you to spot the unscientific methods scientists use to discredit anything that doesn’t correspond to their worldview so that you too can help to change the culture by being aware of these techniques and exposing them to others.

What initially drew me to this book was the fact the author graduated from Harvard. I couldn’t believe that someone with an Ivy League education had actually escaped the mind-warping techniques that had almost corrupted me at my equally close-minded university. For someone with Harvard credentials to write a book in defense of the supernatural and maligned psychologists like Freud and Jung was intriguing.

This book is impeccably edited. I couldn’t find a single error, and every source is compiled in a lengthy bibliography at the back of the book. The author made every effort to approach this work as academically as possible without making the writing boring. Although I thought he focused a bit too much on his experience with psychotherapy, it is evident he feels passionate about the subject and truly believes in its merits and ability to help average people explore their innermost selves.

I was more interested in his spiritual experiences and dreams, since that’s something I can relate to. I didn’t agree with his conclusions on some spiritual matters regarding sexuality. My own spiritual experiences taught me the exact opposite of what he practices. Still, it was interesting to read his point of view on matters and how he came to believe them.

This book is designed to prove the existence of a world beyond the physical and expose the corruption of our institutions of higher learning and those that religiously deny its validity through unscientific means. Since the author absolutely achieves this aim to my satisfaction, I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. This book will expose the establishment’s pitiful arguments against parapsychology that so-called “authorities” use to discredit their opposition. By the time you finish reading, you’ll be able to recognize a legitimate argument from an unscientific one. If you’re not willing to examine the flaws in scientific thinking, then this book probably isn’t for you. If you’re curious to learn more about verifiable proof of the supernatural, this book will certainly interest you.

Dirty Science
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Post by kandscreeley »

Interesting. I'm very interested in what the author has to say. I'm a person of faith, and it's true that the scientific community tends to discredit anything that we say. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Wriley »

I have a B.S. in environmental biology and it took me a while to meld my Christian faith with the science community. I now see that science just backs up my beliefs. It's easy for me to see that a higher power has guided creation and species adaption. There's lots of atheist in science and their beliefs can seep into studies they conduct and write. This sounds like a book I would be interested in. Great review and thanks for the book recommemdation.
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Nisha Ward
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Post by Nisha Ward »

It's interesting the way American universities tend to discourage spirituality as compared to other regions. I come from a place where these things exist together though they never meet and scientists aren't quick to just dismiss things out of hand. Would love to know what the author has to say on this topic.
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Post by Meg98 »

This is a very unique topic to write about. It seems from your review that this is a well-written book, with a thought-provoking theme towards readers. Your review has very much intrigued me, and I feel that I would learn something from this book. Flawless editing is very rare and is a clear sign of a conscientious and professional writer. Thank you for this excellent review!
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Post by kdstrack »

I also am astounded that a Harvard graduate would author a book on this theme. His premise sounds intriguing and I would be interested in learning his technique for spotting the "unscientific methods" used by scientists. Great review!
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Post by Letora »

What a viewpoint to read through! I've always been drawn to the supernatural due to the life experiences of my own. I'd love to read a Harvard graduate's view on this subject. Thank you for reviewing!
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Post by michael1972 »

Dirty Science by BOB GEBELEIN It's about discrediting spiritual life or progress in Spiritual life of one person.
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Chrystal Oaks
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Post by Chrystal Oaks »

I liked the opening questions you presented because I have experienced both. I also have been ridiculed by religious scholars for supporting science. I want to read Gebelein's viewpoint so I can recognize unscientific arguments. I enjoyed reading your thought-provoking review. Thanks!
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Post by CyndiA1 »

I'm up in the air as to whether I'd enjoy this book. Initially I thought I'd not be interested at all, but your review made me give it a second thought. I enjoyed the review; the book I'll have to give some more thought.
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Post by BookPower9 »

What science do in real is just to back up spiritual truth. The presence of supernatural being in human life would not satisfy the unbeliever. Good thing that there is a Harvard University Graduate who could satisfy the truth. Thanks for your review.
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