Official Review: God Revealed by Fred Sievert

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Re: Featured Official Review: God Revealed by Fred Sievert

Post by Jlprince26 »

I doubt there is any connection or even resemblance to "God Winks" but this review made me think of that and I became interested almost immediately. I do love inspiration and could definitely use a bit more guidance in my life. I think I will put this on my want to read list and sit down with it soon. Thank you for your great review.
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Post by 56lives »

When I first saw the title God Revealed I thought that the author would talk about something very scornful about God in his book. Your review reveals that Fred Sievert is a man who understands the God he serves, the God who sometimes remains silent as if He is doing nothing when, in fact, He is preparing something better than we ask for. Thank you for revealing who this God is. Thank you for the perfect review.

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Post by Kansas City Teacher »

However, it was his honest admission that there were times he felt prayers went unanswered that I most appreciated because I believe many Christians have experienced similar feelings at one time, or another. I agreed with his conclusion that in hindsight, we may eventually see that God was indeed, working on our behalf during these seasons.
Very good review! The hindsight you mentioned is very real, and while in the midst of life's storms, it can be very trying. His true intentions are only revealed later.

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Post by Maureen Refior »

Loved your review1 I'm glad you mentioned that one doesn't need to be Christian in order to appreciate this book; honestly, I try to avoid "God" books because of the overwhelming feeling, most times, that the author is proselytizing. I'm a spiritual person, though, and I am open to viewpoints and beliefs other than those I hold myself. I'll be reading this for sure; I'll probably come back here and let you know how I felt about it (I'm sure you're dying to know lol).

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Post by Ebreezy »

I could like to read this book. Youth of this age need to read such book 📚 to learn how to serve and pray 🙏 to God for protection.

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Post by Jeconiaomolo »

I really like reading inspirational stories and more spiritual ones like this one. Like Sivert, sometimes I feel like my prayer are not answered. I hope reading this book will help me to not only be encouraged spiritually but also grow in my faith. Thanks for this encouraging review.
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Post by Kajal Dhamija »

Seems like a book that can restore faith in a person. Great review!

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Post by Midnight3 »

I'm still reading this but like it heaps so far. Love encouraging God books

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Post by Kate61501 »

Personally, I am not a Christian, but like you said in the review, this book is not exclusively for Christians. I think that it sounds very inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging to read, even for someone who does not share the Christian faith. You gave it a beautifully written review that definitely compels me to check it out.

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Post by Renee_Prior1995 »

Thanks for the great review. unfortunately, I am not particularly religious but I do like to read religious books to expand my knowledge on the subject.
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Post by Janalyn101 »

People are sadly mistaken that when they ask God for something, and they don’t receive it. That means God is not answering. When what that really means is God said no! I thought he explained it really well in the book and I agree it was well worded and flawless. Thanks for the great review!

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Post by a-b-c- »

The review makes the book sound like a good book to read. We all have times that say God help me without thinking of it as praying. It is strange that God does stay on people without them thinking. Good job on your review

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Post by ranjan333 »

really what author has tried to convey to the readers we face it in our daily life. we go through a time when we feel like god is far away and is not listening to us. But the fact is that there will be a moment when you will be reinforced to think that god was indeed there watching you and guiding all through your odd moments. God has always been there with us but this is we who often fail to acknowledge god's existence.
A big thanks to the author and reviewer for his review.

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Post by J_odoyo »

With believers, it's an Undeniable fact that at some point in life you must have felt that your prayer is not answered. You must have questioned yourself whether God cares. I too I'm not an exceptional. I am happy to know that this is not just a spiritual read but also full of inspirational stories. This will be a right pick for my next book.

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Post by Kyoks »

I generally love the review, mostly where the reviewer says you do not have to be a Christian to read this book because it is one inspirational book you can read over and over gain to reflect on you personal life struggles and success. I totally agree with the first paragraph that we even people who are not Christians reach a time when everything is tough and keeping hoping in prayer mostly to break through and sometimes it doesn't work out. I loved the review

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