Official Review: God Revealed by Fred Sievert

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Re: Featured Official Review: God Revealed by Fred Sievert

Post by C-obi »

Wow! Thirty-one experiences that would help reinforce God's presence in one's life? I would love to read this book. Well done Cecilia__L.

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Post by phills »

God Revealed" by Fred Sievert.
I think this particular story by Fred Sievert has a lot role to play in the life of every Christian
It reminds us of that moment we felt like " is their no messiah in this world" and finally one way God will rescue us from that problem, also I think this writer up encourages us to involve God in all our involvements...

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Post by VernaVi »

This sounds like a fantastic book! It is a common thing to let the world get so busy we don't think enough about how God can be guiding us. Thanks for the great review!

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B Creech
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Post by B Creech »

I love inspirational stories that touch the hearts of others, and I always enjoy reading books about God. Your review was awesome and I will most definitely be adding this book to my list of want to reads! There have been times in my life when I have felt God didn't hear my prayers because the answer took so long to come, or didn't come as I had hoped it would. Those times can be discouraging so it helps to know we are not the only one who has experienced that!
B. Creech

Amina Yusuf
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Post by Amina Yusuf »

Re: Official Review: God Revealed by Fred Sievert

Religion is a way of life. This book will be an inspiration to many who read it especially those of us who need a light of guidance in our lives. I always skeptical about non-fiction but so far I have some nonfiction books am adding to my reading list. Enjoyed the review. Thanks for the informative review

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Post by unidhi05 »

God Revealed - an encouraging and inspirational read with lot of simple stories which reflects on the faith towards God and the religious beliefs. It all depends on the experiences in the past which leads to the future. Good job on the review.

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olawumi peace
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Post by olawumi peace »

God Revealed by Fred Sievert: Its a very encouraging and so inspirational story with many not to complex stories which solely reflects on the faith towards God and the so called religious traditions and beliefs. Majorly,it depends m the experiences in the past which leads to the present(future).
Kudos to the author,nice job

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Melody kapambwe
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Post by Melody kapambwe »

God revealed, it's beyond humanity expectation, it's very encouraging though a bit controversial,it encourages me to see beyond myself and think of eternity,it teaches me good morals of God's ways,a big thank you to the author you are a good inspiration.

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Post by MsBri2576 »

This sounds like a very inspirational and encouraging book to read. However, those who wouldn’t consider themselves as being “In the faith” would probably not be interested in reading the book. People tend to read only the title and that is what determines if people get turned on or off about the book. For me, personally I would love to read this book from the first page to the very last and yes, I do consider myself a Christian.

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Post by Abacus »

Thanks for the review of God Revealed[i/] by Fred Sievert. Most lives are so busy and equally filled with frustration for things that do not go right, and happiness when something we try to do is right, and then on to the next thing. I suppose it is only in the still, quiet moments that we have time to think if there are influences that we are not aware of. I have always liked the idea of "living with grace", like when that near miss in your car, does not happen. Living with grace. I have downloaded the book and I will read it. Thank-you

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Post by SweetPee7 »

I usually shy away from religious and inspirational books, as there are so many weird ideas out there. But your review of God Revealed is so honest and clear that there is no doubt Fred has an honest relationship with God. Fred's examples are real and meaningful and may make a difference in my life. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and inspiring review.

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Post by Soonerchick656 »

I can't recall how many times I've said God doesn't answer prayers and to later look back and see that he did indeed answer my prayer, just not when I thought it should have been answered. I'm going to add this to my list of books to read as I enjoy inspirational stories. They are uplifting and bring happiness to my life. Great review!!

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Post by Mblanchard »

This sounds like a fascinating read. Deeply emotional and yet empathizing with the reader on a deep level.

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Post by Budhal »

What a wonderful review!! I would definitely love to read this book since I love reading spiritual books a lot.

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Post by stellagilman »

This review was great! Thanks for sharing! I have lost faith once in my younger years due the loss of a parent. But as I grow I realize that due to the loss I have learned and grown so much. Without the loss I don’t think I would be the person I am today.

From your review it makes you think of my own personal struggles and how I asked God for his help. Some prayers went answered and some did not. I think that, like you stated in the review, that God may not answer all our prayers but maybe that is something to look back on realize it was for the best.

I will definitely be reading this book due to your review! Great job!

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