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Review by Tiny_Turtle -- The Unbound Soul

Post by Tiny_Turtle » 22 Apr 2019, 19:35

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Unbound Soul" by Richard L. Haight.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Unbound Soul by Richard L. Haight is one man's journey in the quest for ultimate truth and spiritual freedom. He shares his story with the hope that through his experiences others might benefit from his telling and go on to find the truth within themselves. His journey began with a dream of Jesus requesting that Richard "find my bones" (pg. 9) and reveal the truth of Jesus' teachings, which had been distorted by men to the point that they no longer reflected the simple message that was intended to be conveyed. Before the dream, he was the same as any other child who had not a care in the world. After the dream, he was a boy on a mission with no idea of how to fulfill it, yet he believed that he would be guided as to what direction to go. He began with the Bible as that was the only place he knew of where the story of Jesus could be found. Even though he had a difficult time with reading comprehension, he enjoyed reading the book. Yet, he found enough inconsistencies that he realized he would have to look further to find the message he had been tasked to bring to the world.

Over the course of his life he turned to marshal arts, vision questing in the Amazon, different types of meditation, reading multiple books, and the use of Indigenous medicines. He sought out teachers, guides, and mentors with the hope that one of them would have the information he was looking for. Ultimately, he realized that "no teachers could give (him) the answers, and no books held the truth (he) sought." (pg. 10). My personal opinion is that he finally found the answer when he stopped looking outside of himself. Yet, every path he took needed to be taken to unbind his soul from the shackles that prevented him from seeing.

I found this narrative to be motivating and thought provoking.The insights that he shares on life and what comes after are profound in their simplicity. Most of what he writes cannot be proven in any traditional physical sense, yet it rings true. He writes of things that can only be proven by personal experience, and he offers multiple resources to help the reader to open themselves to their own enlightenment. Scattered throughout the book the author forewarns the reader that they may feel the need to stop reading for short periods of time to reflect upon the meaning of the message that he has shared. Interestingly enough, I found myself spontaneously slipping into a meditative state as I read. Actually, that's not quite right. It was not that I realized I was slipping into a meditative state, but rather that I found myself repeatedly coming out of one. Afterwards my everyday experiences seemed to shine with a light that I had not noticed before. Everything around me seemed to have meaning and purpose. I found myself thinking about what I had read long after I laid the book down.

One thing that greatly impressed me was that a young boy who had trouble retaining what he read could grow into a man who would write books that inspired others to a path of reflection and self-awareness. The language is simple and easy to follow. Any complex ideas or insights are explained in a manner that is easy to envision. The Unbound Soul must be read with an open mind to receive the most fulfilling experience. It will expand the reader from their own individual existence and into the expansive foundation of creation.

I wholeheartedly award The Unbound Soul 4 out of 4 stars. There were no notable errors in this third edition of the book. It was obvious that the author was meticulous during the editing process. In addition, he mentioned that he repeatedly goes over what he has written to assure that the message stays on track. After much pondering, I came to the conclusion that there was nothing negative that I could say about this book. I can not think of anyone who would not benefit from reading it, although those who follow a strict religious doctrine that does not allow for different viewpoints may find themselves slightly uncomfortable. But, as a wise man once told me, "Spiritual discomfort may precede a moment of epiphany."

The Unbound Soul
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