Review by Mamatyler -- The Unbound Soul

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Latest Review: The Unbound Soul by Richard L. Haight

Review by Mamatyler -- The Unbound Soul

Post by Mamatyler » 11 Apr 2019, 03:56

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Unbound Soul" by Richard L. Haight.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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“Richard Haight began his path of awakening at eight years of age. At the age of 24, he moved to Japan to advance his training with masters of the sword, staff, and Aiki-jujutsu. During his 15years living in Japan, he was awarded masters licenses in four samurai arts as well as traditional healing art called Sotai-ho.” The book was published by Shinkai-kan Body, Mind, Spirit LLC. This is the 2nd Edition. It is an inspirational and extraordinary book written by an extraordinary author. It’s a call to action for all humanity to take steps to express unconditioned love. Richard bares his soul in his writing and gives a glimpse into the visions he experienced since he started his spiritual awakening journey. His obligation and enthusiasm are laudable, his tenacity in pushing the limits is something to admire.

The purpose of this book is to explain or make clear the differences between consciousness and mind. Another purpose is to unearth or reveal that which is hidden in order to bring healing. A major theme in Richard’s book is the aspect of unconditioned love. We must let go of our beliefs and allow the truth to leave our souls unbound; to relentlessly unwind the threads that have entangled our souls and caused so much disharmony both within and without. He emphasizes that change can only be realized and felt if we as individuals make every effort to understand ourselves in order to understand others.

I was surprised to learn that the author battled with suicidal tendencies.

I agree with the author that, there are no accidents. We get the experiences that we need for growth. The author reiterates that we must not expect someone else to change us or save us. I have learned that if we exercise in our daily lives an attitude of acceptance then you'll find that a lot of the so-called “distractions” are stripped off of their power over us. I also agree with Richard when he says, "But, in truth, other people are not our responsibility, and we cannot make them do anything. They have their own free will, and it’s wise to respect that."

While reading The Unbound Soul, I had intentionally made up my mind to mug up, I envisioned my soul light as a feather. I am contented to report that Richard has done a marvelous job of lighting my path of spiritual awakening. It’s good to note that, our attitude towards opportunities handed to us for growth is significant.

The author asks questions within the narrative that are intended to intrigue the reader into further investigations. I concur for the most part with the author when he states that, "If we are not being challenged, then we are probably not making much progress." For the better part of my adult life, every time I have gone through a painful period, it has fostered growth and elevated inner peace and harmony.

The author's opinion on anger, when he says, "Often, anger conceals shame or a feeling of vulnerability due to being violated in some very emotionally painful way when we were children. It may be confusingly combined with pride", opened a portal of revelation in my life that has allowed me to sink deeper into me. A new level of intimacy with my soul has been birthed through The Unbound Soul.

The biggest moment of awakening in my life as the author states is when I learned that "The crux of the matter is that we do not control what other people do. They are not our job. We can do only our part, which is to tune to consciousness so that negativity can resolve." My life took a turn for the better and it’s never been the same again.

Overall, I happily rate this book 4 out of 4 stars for the many lessons learned. I noted only one grammatical error. The concepts are well defined, the language used is clear and convincing and the storyline and writing is flawless. I recommend The Unbound Soul, to everyone interested in true wisdom on spiritual awakening, life purpose, and what it is truly to live a liberated life. This book will inspire readers to have open minds and hearts but most important of all is to cultivate unconditioned love. For the readers drawn to this book, it will cause fundamental transformation of mind and heart leading to deep-seated behavior changes.

The Unbound Soul
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