Review by Src_reader -- The Biblical Clock

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Review by Src_reader -- The Biblical Clock

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The Biblical Clock" by Daniel Friedmann and Dania Sheldon.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Biblical Clock is divided into three parts. Part One deals with people in the past and present who were responsible for thoughts and several other things that rose queries in our mind related to the events that took place in our history. This leads to a revelation about the turn of events and their connection. Part two includes our conclusion of part one and relates it to the biblical plan. We study about the End of Days and compare the results we obtained from the previous chapters with the chapters that we’ll read in this part. Part three shares with us the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and how the historical events started from them. We will again study Part One and how the universe came into existence.

Daniel Friedmann with Dania Sheldon takes us to a journey of historical events that happen in various places in the world. From Acre, a port city in Eastern Mediterranean, 1290 to Canada of 2009, we follow a sage’s manuscript to three places, and then read about a man who tries to devise a method to find parallelism between biblical and scientific timelines. We see a glimpse of Daniel’s personal life and how he tried to figure out the connection between science and the plans given in the bible. In Part Two, we go a few years back in the past to learn about Creation Days and their significance in human history. We also come across a part of Daniel’s life where he works on the theories of how the Creation Days, Biblical plan and historical events can have things in common. We get a glimpse of Isaac Newton and his works in the said matter and an assumption of how the End of Days will happen.

The writer has done a perfectly balanced work of explaining the few things of the bible and showing their relationship with the historical events. It was intriguing and uncanny for me to find so many similarities in the biblical plan and the events that took place in our past. The order followed in this book is chronological to the biblical events. The figures and maps given in the book help a lot with the understanding of the chapters.

I found only two errors in the book which gave me all the more reason to give it the rating it deserves. Daniel Friedmann already wrote in the book that he has religious education in Judaism, so there was a lot of information related to that religion and their manuscripts. The writing and editing were done in a way that the book stands a neutral ground and doesn’t feel as if it is trying to take sides with any religion or belief. My favorite chapter was the 10th chapter in which the writer has tried to create a future depicting the End of Days and how it may happen. It was non-fictional but was quite interesting.

In the second part of the book, Daniel is shown to be discussing his hypothesis and theories with his nephew. I liked the interaction and felt as if I was also present with them and listening to his every word while sitting beside him. The writing style used in those interactions was marvelous and pulled me further into the book. There was nothing that I disliked about the book.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I highly recommend this to readers who love reading about history and religion. This book can also be read by readers of all age. It doesn’t have any scene or scenario that will offend people of any belief. So, I suggest everyone to not judge this book by its name. It is worth reading and entertaining.

The Biblical Clock
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Post by InStoree »

I've read this book and indeed, Friedmann approach a manner of harmonizing science with religion. I found it explanatory and with a certain sense. Great review! You illustrated the book's aspect exceptionally!
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Post by Ndiviwe »

As a Christian I'm definitely going to give this book a read, I'm actually very excited about it. It sounds like a exceptionally interesting read and would streght my faith even more and help me answer some of my questions I have or bring about more questions
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