Review by Namaste23 -- The Unbound Soul

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Latest Review: The Unbound Soul by Richard L. Haight

Review by Namaste23 -- The Unbound Soul

Post by Namaste23 » 29 Mar 2019, 12:19

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Unbound Soul" by Richard L. Haight.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Unbound Soul by Richard L. Haight is the account of the authors' realization of his purpose in life, which is part is writing this book. It starts with him having spiritual experiences at a young age and follows him and his experiences through his life. His journey takes you to different parts of the world to experience life in different ways. He is opening his mind further and further through every experience.

The aspect of this book that I enjoyed the most was that this book did, in fact, open my mind a litter bit more. I think the goal of the reader and author, when reading or writing a book on spirituality, is to have the reader learn from it and gain a more open mind. The aspect that was least enjoyable for me was that the visions experienced in the book are still a little hard for me to accept. I'm not sure if there is a scientific explanation or if the experiences are, indeed, mystical. I guess the truth will be decided by what the individual reader believes.

I give this book 4 out of 4 stars. It was edited well and very interesting. It read and flowed well. Not only were you reading about another persons life and experiences, but there was also information that I related to included. You can realize things about yourself and your own experiences by reading this book. Of course, you must be looking internally and open to changing your thinking and views of your experiences.

The audience who would be appropriate for this book would be people who are interested in spirituality, but with some previous knowledge. If I had read this book a couple years ago, I would have no idea what it was talking about and probably wouldn't have finished reading it. It wouldn't have even been a book I would have picked out to read. I didn't even know what consciousness was at the time, which is a necessity. In the last couple of years, I have become more open to spirituality and have learned a little on my own. People who are already on their spiritual journey would be the target audience.

In conclusion, I think this book would add to anyone's journey. There is insight to be found in this book for people who are willing to search for it. I hope it reaches the people it needs to reach. I know it helped me realize a few things!

The Unbound Soul
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