Review by BrittaniDJ -- The Unbound Soul

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Review by BrittaniDJ -- The Unbound Soul

Post by BrittaniDJ » 28 Mar 2019, 14:21

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Unbound Soul" by Richard L. Haight.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Unbound Soul will change your life, if you let it. I think books come to us when we are ready for them. I think Richard L. Haight would agree with me. I believe he wrote the book when he felt that it was the right time for him to put its message out into the world. I believe that I read it when my consciousness was mature enough to take it in. Haight’s revelation that Jesus spoke to him and asked him to help ‘find His bones’ and bring them back to the world was astounding. Some people have claimed that they found that insulting, because Jesus already went through the humiliation of the cross, why would he still be vulnerable and needing to rely on humans? I do not see it this way. Jesus said to his disciples; “go into the world and make disciples of all nations, teaching them and baptizing them in my name, in the name of the Father”(Matt 28: 19-20). Jesus came to the world to save it, and to build up the early church as a foundation for salvation in the future when He would leave the earth.

The Creator of the Universe, whom Richard Haight calls Isness, did not program robots. He created intelligent beings in His own image, so that He could have a relationship with those who would believe in the “unconditioned love” of the Creator - that is not binding or restrictive but wholly functional and formative. An unconditioned love that would save the world in order to sustain a beautiful, precious connection with the universe. Not only do I feel as though this book has changed me for the better, I feel as though it has given me an insight into my faith, into how I read the Bible, into how I handle relationships that I did not have before. I believe I could go on reading this book, over and over again, for the rest of my life and find new things to help me focus and refocus my soul to the Holy Spirit. What an amazing inspiration I have been given.

This book has changed my life. This book is like no other meditation guide I have read. He not only talks about the inspiration that comes from letting go of conscious, mind-powered, thought; he gives practical tools for how to establish these practices in your life. I have found over the last few weeks of reading this book that, even if I only partially attempt one of the ways he has promoted for healthy living, and a healthy perspective, things around me changed. My relationship with my husband went through a large stress just a week after I started reading this book. Reading through Haight’s ideas about the disconnect between the emotional and mind responses and the spiritual response to life situations, I handled the situation with maturity and calmness. I was able to support my husband and keep in mind the ways God had set up for us already, to overcome this problem. My husband was shocked at my sense of calm. Now, what Haight says in The Unbound Soul has evidence in the Bible. I checked what I was reading with verses in the Bible to ensure I wasn’t being led into something that was not good for me. I found evidence for everything this book claimed in the book that guides my faith. For some reason, although I do find answers and help in God’s word, I found this book easier to understand than the Bible can be. I didn’t have to spend a lot of time dealing with how to interpret it. Richard L. Haight does what Jesus asked him to do, “find his bones, his truth, and bring it out to the world”.

This book should be read by everyone, everywhere, no matter their station in life, their belief system or their struggles. This book is a way to find peace and comfort in a world that doesn’t always make sense. This book is a way to take Christianity from it’s head-level complexity and bring it into a place of heart-centered certainty. This book can move people back to the Way the Truth and the Life and bring Jesus’ bones back to him. This book can re-inspire the church, re-inflate the masses, and re-ignite the passion that once burned for Christ with the Early Church after the lost had burned with hate against him. Today, our world is in that place again, where nothing is sacred, and the world burns with hate against Christianity. This book, which gently allows for people to tether their spirit to the Soul that is connected to everything, including Isness, without needing to feel pressured into accepting a particular belief system, is nevertheless a wonderful segue into bringing forth the peace that passes understanding, the love of a knowing Creator who deeply longs for his Creation to know Him.

I give The Unbound Soul a 4 out of 4 star rating. If you were left on a deserted island, with no hope of ever getting off of it in this life, and you found this book on that island, you would never feel alone, or hopeless, ever again. It is quite possibly, the best book I have ever read, and I will read it again and again in my life. I will pass it on and promote it to many other people I meet in my life. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to read this book. The author does some things that don’t make a lot of sense. I started a post on the BOM forum that asked why he claims that his role is not ‘the revealer’ and yet he also claims to be a messenger. He says he hears from Jesus, but no other deity, although he quotes the Bhudda and a certain Tao, often. Regardless of these few conundrums, this book was phenomenal.

The Unbound Soul
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Post by danielleamy » 03 Apr 2019, 11:13

It's wonderful how much of a profound effect this book has had on you. It sounds like a fantastic book that would greatly help many people, regardless of their faith or religion. Thanks for a great review!
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