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Misael Carlos
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Re: Review of Warrior Entrepreneur

Post by Misael Carlos »

Im looking forward to digging into this book to be informed and enlightened about entrepreneurship and the traits entrepreneurs have that made them successful and progressive in the business world. This is very useful to all who are business minded.
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Cindi Knowles
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Post by Cindi Knowles »

This definitely sounds like a great read for aspiring and future business owners. The author clearly has had success in many fields, so his book can help in guiding you on a good path to building yourself a successful business.
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Post by Anna_Hernandez »

The impact of military experience is truly life-changing. It not only strengthens your physical body but also equips you with invaluable methods to persevere and forge ahead, regardless of the circumstances. Survival becomes paramount, intertwined with the success of the mission and the welfare of your comrades. As you rightly mentioned, this book undoubtedly leaves a profound impact on its readers. The author's intention to impart the tricks he learned to overcome challenges and achieve personal success resonates strongly. Thank you for your review!
Kathie Slief Turner
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Post by Kathie Slief Turner »

I found the introduction and the first few pages to be enticing because I'm currently working on starting a business myself. I was particularly interested in the concept of a warrior. Overcoming obstacles as an entrepreneur, and getting stronger as a result is consistent with my experience in life. I'll be adding it to my bookshelf to read!
Christine Geno
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Post by Christine Geno »

Very informative, although I am not completely finished with the book I am very intrigued. My son is a young entrepreneur I’ll be sure to recommend this book to him.
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Calista Ngozi Uzokwe
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Post by Calista Ngozi Uzokwe »

Warrior Entrepreneur" by Zachary L Green is an educational and informative book for entrepreneurs who are looking for advice on how to start a business and what risks to take. The book is capable of creating a new generation of entrepreneurs who are ready to take the bull by the horn in the world's growing market and economy. Very interesting book. This review really emphasizes the importance of the author's advice.
Medina Fedrick
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Post by Medina Fedrick »

This non-fiction book sounds like a great one for businessmen and business oriented-mindsets. The success stories of these great personalities is something that has piqued my interest in this book. Congrats on BOTD!!
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Aditi A
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Post by Aditi A »

An inspiring tale, with a good balance and perfect metaphors. The author played us quite literally and tricked us into the book all for good reasons. The review is amazing and you have displayed the pros and cons aptly.
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Anil G
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Post by Anil G »

Applying ancient warrior thinking to a business will do wonders for success. Looking forward to reading this book and to having a warrior perspective towards business.
A great author communicates to readers through books. - Anil Gupta
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Sameena Ansari
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Post by Sameena Ansari »

The author's storytelling style, accompanied by authentic pictures, creates a compelling narrative. The inspirational quotes and real-life success stories, including the remarkable Maria Daume, make it an enlightening and empowering read.
Mikespice Mike
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Post by Mikespice Mike »

Based on the review, "Warrior Entrepreneur" by Zachary L. Green appears to be an inspiring and informative book that delves into the mindset and traits of successful entrepreneurs. The author, drawing from his personal experiences as a Marine officer and firefighter, explores the characteristics that contributed to his own business success and incorporates examples from ancient and modern warriors.

The reviewer commends the book for its clear, well-written, and engaging style, highlighting the seamless reading experience enabled by professional editing. The inclusion of pictures adds authenticity to the author's experiences, while the incorporation of quotes from accomplished individuals adds a stylistic flair. The book also offers enlightenment and insight by sharing real-life inspirational stories of well-known figures such as Elon Musk, Desmond Doss, and Walt Disney, showcasing their resilience and optimism.

There were no negative aspects noted in the review, and the book is described as a fast and easy read that instills entrepreneurial knowledge, unlocks a warrior mindset, and provides guidance on overcoming adversity. As a result, the reviewer gives "Warrior Entrepreneur" a perfect rating of four out of four stars, recommending it to military personnel, entrepreneurs, and anyone who enjoys inspirational literature.

Based on this review, it seems that "Warrior Entrepreneur" offers a valuable resource for individuals interested in entrepreneurship, providing both practical insights and motivational stories to encourage personal and professional growth.
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Sara Nóbrega Bartolomeu
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Post by Sara Nóbrega Bartolomeu »

Inspiring for anyone looking to achieve success through entrepreneurship. The author's life experience seem to have made a difference in the qualities he was able to develop.
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Post by MKJWMcB »

"Warrior Entrepreneur" by Zachary L Green sounds like a great book for information and inspiration especially if you would like to be an entrepreneur! Pick up a copy today to find the inspiration to be on your way to your dream career or work life so you can enjoy every day of your life!
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Adeoluwa Adebusuyi
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Post by Adeoluwa Adebusuyi »

The book sounds interesting and informative, it would be perfect for those wanting to start their entrepreneurial journey as they go into the business world. Thanks for the review.
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Nisha DSouza
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Post by Nisha DSouza »

Your review was insightful and well-written. The sample pages were very compelling. The author’s struggle with COVID-19 was terrifying, and I am glad he survived it with his warrior determination. This book could not have come at a better time because I needed the boost that came from the quotes and thoughts. I liked the author’s narration style and am really looking forward to reading the rest of the book. I am confident I will learn immensely from the author's entrepreneurial journey. Congrats on the BOTD!
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