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Review of The Road to Management

Post by Limitless_66 »

[Following is an official review of "The Road to Management" by Rene Medina.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Effective management is an essential part of any organization. Managers are faced with a lot of tasks, problems, and confusion, hence the need for a manual to define management and explain how best it should be done. The Road to Management by Rene Medina is a book that teaches the basics of management and the process of becoming a manager. Through his wealth of information and experience, Rene gives a compilation of what is expected of a manager and how to make a good manager. The author also provides detailed information for aspiring managers to learn from and apply. The latter part of the book is about self-development to enable one to lead and manage effectively.

The book had a good concept, and some parts stood out for me. It has a lot of factual information that leaves the reader with excitement to try out the recommendations made in it fully. I loved that it didn't only point out the problems that people face as managers; it also gave solutions to prevent such issues and recommendations on how to use them to obtain an ideal result. Each of the chapters was topical and written to address a particular problem of management. I equally loved that the book had references that the reader could always look to in times of confusion. The author also went further to give tips on self-development as a good manager is supposed to be a complete being. Morals like teamwork, integrity, pro-activity, and credibility were highlighted in the book. Personality types were also discussed to help the manager understand the different people in the team. Generally, the book seeks the total development of man.

However, I came across some cases of repetition in the book. Some of the same points were highlighted in different parts of the book. Aside from that, I did not find other negative aspects to this book. The book was exceptionally well edited; I found no errors in it.

I'll give the book a four out of four stars rating. This is because the book is concise, apt, and interesting. It was an all-round enlightening read as anyone can be a manager after reading it. The book was really informative and contained leadership tips for everyone to learn from.

The Road to Management is recommended to all aspiring managers and everyone who wants to take up a leadership position. Lovers of self-help books will find the book helpful as it includes invaluable tips for a better life.

The Road to Management
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Post by Paully_ »

The book proferred practical solutions and recommendations that would enable one get a tangible result. I look forward to reading the book. Great review.
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Post by Odala J Phiri »

A hand of applause to Rene for bringing this up. To be a good manager, starts with self development. Am glad this information was included. Great review.
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Post by Shelby Ayres »

I liked that the author started from scratch, letting people that know nothing about management learn new things and improve.
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Post by abdo essam 1 »

A hand of applause to Rene for bringing this up. To be a good manager, starts with self development. Am glad this information was included. Great review.
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Post by Mr Excellence »

The title of this book really is a trajectory to what to expect from this book.

I really love everything about this book.
I also like that the author took time to explain the in-depth concept of management.
Christell Lindeque
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Post by Christell Lindeque »

If you are a manager who are facing a lot of problems then this book is for you. It doesn't just tell you your possible problems that can occur but also how to solve them and much more. Great review!
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Post by Gladys Maponopono »

I have entered a journey in my life where I require as many skills and information as I can get regarding being a manager, thank you for pointing me in the right direction this is a great review
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Post by Christiana Legbara »

This is a good start for new entrepreneurs. Great book
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Post by Wilkister Inzai Avagalwa »

The Road to Management by Rene Medina is an enchanting book that takes us through the basics of management and the process of becoming a manager. I don't mind giving it a shot. Congratulations on the BOTD.
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Abdul-Malik Hassan
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Post by Abdul-Malik Hassan »

I like how the author outlines how experience can play an important role in management. This book is specifically for those who operate in the field of entrepreneurship. It highlights the key concepts that one needs to learn and acquire in order to become a successful manager in the field of entrepreneurship. Amazing review! Lots of credit to it :tiphat:
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Post by Hubre De Klerk »

This is the type of book that anyone can learn from and become a better person and teammate in their work environment and everyday life. I know this will definitely help me. I also love that although there is a focus on the problems, there are solutions, preventions, and to make the problems work for you. Well done on a great review and for #BOTD!
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Post by Margi zuu202 »

Book 📖📖📖📚 of the day BOTD is non fiction and it provides you with effective guidelines in venture in management. Rene medina with his 20 yrs of experience in business professional he share how to manage what ever business you planning on investing in and the way to manage it professionally.. ! I like how he use simple language and avoiding too much theories the author Rene help you access your current management journey, he prepares your daily skills..the book was well written and reviewed we all need this book especially those who are in management I will recommend it 💯✅📚
Okonobe Chioma Chukwuma
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Post by Okonobe Chioma Chukwuma »

I like how the author outlined, how to be a good manager and what is expected of a manager. This book is must read for those aspiring to be good managers.
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Post by Miriam Molina »

I am no longer in the corporate world, so this book does not really resonate with me. However, I am unsure if one can be an effective manager just by reading the book, or even tons of other books. A leader needs both theory and practice, and a lot of grace from on high.
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