Review of Introduction to Herbal Healing

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Review of Introduction to Herbal Healing

Post by Jelly_J »

[Following is an official review of "Introduction to Herbal Healing" by Isla Skye.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The therapeutic use of modern medicine in our health sector has given us a nonchalant attitude towards our health. Due to the high availability of these drugs, people do not give much thought to herbs anymore. In the past, these herbs were used to cure diseases, often offering prophylactic and therapeutic functions. Introduction to Herbal Healing by Isla Skye is a book that aims to remind us of the importance of herbs and how they can help us acquire a holistic approach to well-being.

The book begins by taking readers back to the history of herbalism dating thousands of years ago; the Indian Ayurveda, the history of Chinese medicine, and the Four Humors are all explained. Next, the author gives detailed instructions on processing and storing herbs to increase their shelf life. Processes of herb preparation like decoctions, hydroinfusions, oil infusions, tinctures, and the like are all analyzed. Ways of growing these herbs and tips on buying them are not left out. More importantly, the author teaches plant communication—a way to meditate to get in tune with the plants and have them interact with us. The importance, history, and preparation of selected individual herbs are recognized.

Honestly, I've come across books that speak of the importance of herbalism, but I do not think I've ever encountered a book like this one. This book dissected herbalism from top to bottom, progressing from the known to the unknown. The blend of folklore into this work makes it unique and fascinating. I also appreciated the chapter in which the author explained most of these herbal terminologies, as they came in handy during subsequent chapters. Sadly, the practice of herbal medicine seems to dwindle by the day. On the other hand, modern medicine has become the order of the day, negatively affecting our lives.

The only thing I didn't like about this book was how a ton of attention was given to the folklore surrounding each herb. Although interesting, it can get boring after some time. This would be a turn-off for some readers. The arrangement and delivery were commendable. I also liked what this book stood for; it didn't discredit the usefulness of modern medicine but aimed to remind us of a healthier alternative, that is, herbal medicine. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from exploring this book. I only spotted an error while reading. I believe this book was professionally edited.

Introduction to Herbal Healing receives 3 out of 4 stars. I'm deducting a star because much of the message contained in the book was devoted to folklore tales rather than relevant things. Readers who want to know more about herbs will find this book worth reading. Adults and older teens versed in health matters would also learn new things from this book.

Introduction to Herbal Healing
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Post by Amarachinwankwo_ »

This sounds like an educative book , I’m sure anyone interested in learning about herbs and their usefulness will find it very beneficial. I have also never heard of plant communication, and it sounds interesting to me! Thank you for such a fantastic review.
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Post by Oluwasogo »

I'd have loved the focus to be on the relevant things about herbs rather than folklore tales. I'll still like to read this book since it centers on my field of interest. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Ruthwriter »

The importance and relevance of herbs in taking care of our health can not be overlooked.I love the book for its different and rich contents.good review.
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Post by Ozioma Miriam »

This book sounds like it has a wealth of knowledge on herbalism. But I don't like books that are too wordy, I get bored easily. Thanks for an honest review.
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Post by Francis_Reads »

I like the idea of the inclusion of folklore. I believe it would inform the readers the origin of how potent the herbs are in curing illnesses. This is an honest review.
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Post by Moyin Loveth »

I've always preferred natural herbs over medicines. This book would certainly be helpful for me trying to live healthier. Thanks for the recommendation.
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Post by lesheath »

Herb healing and lore are finally making a comeback here in the USA. In many other countries, it is still strong. Thank you for the wonderful and honest review of this book. As someone that not only loves this subject but also grows their own herbs for medical and culinary use appreciate the time you took to read it.
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Post by Daniel Oscar »

Books like this take us back to medieval times and I really appreciate that. Indeed a lot of people care little about herbs. This book seems like a book that seeks to take mankind back to it's root.
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Post by Eliwamala »

This book gives the impression of being a mine of information about herbalism. To tell you the truth, I can't stand reading books that are wordy since I get tired of reading so quickly. I appreciate your candid evaluation. Well done!
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Post by Praise Chizurumoke »

The significance of herbal medicine can not be over-emphasized in our daily lives. The information contained in this book is very beneficial. Your review is well-written.
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Post by Patty Allread »

This sounds like a great book! I would enjoy the folklore aspect because folklore is often derived from observation and experience, and I think, in this case, it does have value.
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Post by Kieran Anslow »

Herbal medicine should not be underestimated. There are certain things, adverse effects, that people encounter after using medicine, and I hope that the content of this book will sink into its readers. Thanks for your honest review.
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Post by Odala00phiri »

Thanks for your informative analysis of this book. Though herbals are underestimated nowadays, it's what rescues more people when things get tougher. This is what is used to make industrial medication. It's high time these get empowered.
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Post by Victoria Ukamaka »

It is these herbs that are processed and used to produce modern medicine. I don't understand why we prefer the chemically processed drugs to natural herbs. This is an important and handy book. Thank you for this carefully written review.
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