Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice?

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Re: Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice?

Post by lalita33 » 05 Jun 2018, 20:49

I guess Jane Eyre would be the one. Somehow i admire her courage to start evrytime from a scratch and hold it till the end. She has those high values which makes her an ideal match for Mr. Rochester. Their fateful yet fruitful story makes me fall in love with both of them.

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Post by daniya__shah3 » 13 Jun 2018, 07:20

Jane Eyre because her character arc seems more defined than that of Elizabeth Bennett who seems to accept the institution of patriarchy towards the end, defying the purpose of her female agency.
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Post by KatSims92 » 23 Jun 2018, 14:03

This is really hard, but I may have to go with Jane Eyre. It depends on what tone you're in the mood for, because Jane Eyre is far more gothic and spooky, whereas P & P is a lighter, social romance.

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Post by Jeyasivananth » 26 Jun 2018, 13:58

I feel Pride and Prejudice is far better than Jane Eyre. To me, the plot of Jane Eyre seems contrived. Besides, I enjoy Jane Austen's little ironies and soft humour more. Not to mention the love story of Elizabeth and Darcy!

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Post by Laceyadams » 18 Aug 2018, 11:47

Read both but I must say I prefer Jane eyre. Seeing as I read it in secondary school, I was from a poor background, went to boarding school so I could relate. It made my heart beat faster.

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Post by swlly » 19 Aug 2018, 16:48

Jane Eyre is good but P&P all the way!

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Post by ObsessedBookNerd » 22 Aug 2018, 18:25

I like Pride & Prejudice; I love how relatable the book is, how it shows a realistic view of family & of course the famous Mr. Darcy which makes it so well known & a classic love story!

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Post by Cher432 » 26 Aug 2018, 10:57

Jane Eyre will always win for me as I was deeply touched by the enduring love of the main characters.

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Post by Facennagoss » 30 Aug 2018, 15:37

ASB_1 wrote:
29 Apr 2018, 01:35
I’ve been a die-hard fan of Pride and Prejudice since my childhood (I read it when I was twelve :P ) But last week I was literally shocked when during a discussion, a friend of mine said “Jane Eyre beats Pride and Prejudice”.
So, I would like to know your opinion. Which story is more appealing to you?
As for me, it is always Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy :wink:
I’m afraid I’m with your friend here - it’s Jane Eyre all the way!

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Post by Istarra-Nuri » 23 Oct 2018, 14:04

I read Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice in the same weekend when I was 12. I loved them both immediately. Jane Eyre is my favorite though. Charlotte Brontes writing style was easier for me to understand and I felt more in tune with the characters.

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Post by Hildehraefen » 13 Nov 2018, 13:20

Jane Eyre is my all time favorite book. Pride and Prejudice is good but I feel it focuses mostly on the themes of romantic love and the faults of society, while Jane Eyre encompasses not only those themes but others, including what it means to be human. To me, the situations the main character is put in are more raw in Jane Eyre, which gives the opportunity to explore more deeply Jane's struggle as she strives to uphold her values and be true to herself, despite what might be easier or more pleasurable at the time.

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Post by Natalie Charlene » 15 Nov 2018, 10:46

This is a tough one! i love both of these novels, and picking just one doesn't seem right, but forced to choose, I'm team Pride & Prejudice. I've lost track of how many times I've read that book, but I have only read Jane Eyre once. However, if we are pitting Austen against Bronte, my all-time favorite would have to be Wuthering Heights. I wrote a paper a few years back about the mental instability of Heathcliff, and it made me appreciate the text so much more.

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Post by SpencerVo » 16 Nov 2018, 16:53

I admire Jane Eyre as a novel and a strong female character, and I certainly have a lot of to learn from her resilience and determination. However, I personally prefer Lizzie Bennet and Pride&Prejudice. The story delights me, and Lizzie will always be one of my most favorite characters with all her stubbornness and wit.

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Post by edith38 » 27 Nov 2018, 17:58

Austine. I just like happy endings and sarcastic humor.

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