Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice?

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Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice?

Post by ASB_1 » 29 Apr 2018, 01:35

I’ve been a die-hard fan of Pride and Prejudice since my childhood (I read it when I was twelve :P ) But last week I was literally shocked when during a discussion, a friend of mine said “Jane Eyre beats Pride and Prejudice”.
So, I would like to know your opinion. Which story is more appealing to you?
As for me, it is always Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy :wink:
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Post by memeyer » 30 Apr 2018, 13:24

for me Jane eyre its one of my favorites

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Post by Cristal2408 » 01 May 2018, 21:58

It depends, P&P is one of my favorites but Jane Eyre is pretty good too.
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Post by Jannrogers » 02 May 2018, 10:04

Pride and prejudice is my favorite. Jane Eyre is ok. But the anticipation of the relationship between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth is my all time favorite. I know whats going to happen but i still get excited!

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Post by JuliaKay » 02 May 2018, 13:08

Jane Eyre just holds a precious place in my heart. I remember when I read it, I was struggling with high school kid problems, and I when I began the book, I was transfixed. It was the romance, the rags to riches, the suspense and thrill of the lady locked away. I could really imagine myself as Jane Eyre! To this day, I do not whether my preference toward this book is actually because of the story and writing or simply because I read it when I needed it. I did not get emotionally attached to Pride and Prejudice, nor did I have an attachment to the characters in that story as so many do, although I still think its a beautiful book. I may just have to reread them both and see which one I connect with more now that I am older.
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Post by lydiasmoot21 » 02 May 2018, 22:25

I saw the movie Pride and Prejudice and read the book and saw the movie Jane Eyre. I would say Jane Eyre is more interesting because it has more symbolism and is dark.

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Post by SMEDIA » 05 May 2018, 14:43

Jane Eyre blows Pride and Prejudice out of the water (P&P is a chore to read; that’s why I’ve never gotten past the first couple of chapters).

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Post by Helpme71 » 06 May 2018, 19:50

I would have to agree with you. Pride and Prejudice is much more appealing to me than Jane Eyre. I would rather stick with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy!
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Post by 1rock » 09 May 2018, 00:59

I prefer Jane Eyre. Her life is not in one setting, but is constantly changing. The decisions she has to make are very pressing. She also dedicates herself to her work, which I find inspiring. In regards to the romance I appreciate seeing how Jane and Mr. Rochester get to know each other and how she loves the man who has both flaws and passion.

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Post by LOWalker23 » 14 May 2018, 14:17

Both are great novels for me I have to be in the mood to like and read the books :techie-studyinggray:

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Post by Crysk2013 » 16 May 2018, 15:55

Pride and Prejudice all the way. I've read and re-read it so many times I've had to buy an extra copy because my original one literally fell apart. But judging from the other posters, it seems less a matter of which book you prefer and more of which character you find yourself being more drawn to. Elizabeth was my hero growing up, because she was always true to herself and unafraid to speak her mind. She inspired me to check my own prejudices (at one point I shared her distrust of those "well off"), to follow my heart even when it didn't make sense to me yet, and to always find the humor in situations, even if that humor bordered more on the sarcastic side. Jane Eyre just never struck the same chords for me. No contest.

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Post by VirgoRules2018 » 17 May 2018, 19:59

Pride and Prejudice...definitely. The book and the movie...a must read and a must see. :techie-studyinggray: :geek2:

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Post by alisonedgee » 28 May 2018, 09:40

personally, jane eyre, no questions asked

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Post by Mely918 » 03 Jun 2018, 13:04

DefinitelyJane Eyre for me. Pride and Prejudice is written too dryly for me to enjoy it.

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Post by rave_2 » 05 Jun 2018, 14:47

I love both, but if I had to choose, I would go with Jane Eyre. :techie-studyingbrown:
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