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Re: Jane Eyre

Post by Sebasrodalba » 07 Oct 2017, 20:05

I'll have to read this book again maybe in a couple of months. It's a must-read for those who love "classics" like me.

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Post by Daniel_atumah » 07 Oct 2017, 20:45

which book are you currently reading

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Post by Salsabila » 07 Oct 2017, 23:04

Jane Eyre is a natural classic a beautiful read and definitely one of those books you can read more than once.

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Post by Haleyw5 » 10 Oct 2017, 15:19

I love all the Bronte sister's books. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite.

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Post by dawuddustin » 23 Nov 2017, 03:07

I read this book when I was younger and I freaked out when Mr. Rochester's wife's scene came up ;)
but the book was a very good one and it focuses on many aspects of Jane's life and I loved it

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Post by thebookextravaganza » 24 Nov 2017, 06:57

Am I the only one who didn't enjoy this book? I am not too fond of it, especially the ending. I loved the untamed spirit Jane had especially at the beginning but it fizzled out towards the end. I prefer her sister Emily's writing much more, am I alone in this or?

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Post by Lincolnshirelass » 24 Nov 2017, 07:02

One of my all-time favourite books, a masterpiece. If I were forced to raise one slight quibble it would be that perhaps Helen Burns is a touch too saintly, but having said that, I know she was based on Charlotte's adored elder sister so it's touching and understandable. I also want to know (and have written my own pathetic efforts examining it) what happens to some of the characters like Adele and the Rivers sisters. Of course, Jean Rhys wrote a prequel that, unusually, is excellent, in 'Wide Sargasso Sea'.
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Post by dhwanis » 29 Nov 2017, 00:51

I loved this book, more so for the fresh way, Jane's character is treated. In almost all other classics, there was a set way in which the female characters behaved, but the way Jane just ventures out into the world and tackles her own issues made reading this a wonderful experience.
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Post by Sakilunamermaid » 19 Jan 2018, 04:08

This was the first classic I read through. I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a handful of classics including Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Furthering Heights, and Little Women. I have seen some of the movies and had to get my hands on some Jane Austen haha. I really enjoyed Jane Eyre, it was comforting to know that things have a way of coming together.

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Post by RebeccasReading » 01 Feb 2018, 11:09

It's a difficult book to get through but I definitely appreciate it so much more now than when I was younger. I think when you read it for the first time, it's dull and confusing for a long time. Once you understand the character and plot, it's so much better to re-read!!

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Post by Hildehraefen » 07 Feb 2018, 12:15

I read Jane Eyre for the first time when I was 9 (it was the book I picked as a reward at the library's summer reading program; I knew at that point I liked "old books" so when I saw the date is was originally published I picked it) and although it scandalized me at that age over the years it has become my favorite book. I re-read it about every 6 months, not really planned I just start craving it.

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Post by Lovewreading89 » 07 Feb 2018, 16:40

I loved the book. it is one of my favorites.

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Post by uyky » 08 Feb 2018, 14:58

I read it in high school and didn't like it. I always had an opinion that story was too cheesy for me. Maybe I should give it another chance. I find it that this keeps happening since I joined this forum. Trying to pick up again the books I remember to dislike.

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Post by Camille Turner » 08 Mar 2018, 20:20

The comments on this thread are very interesting because almost everyone seems to have had a love/hate relationship with this book. Personally, I read it about 6 years ago as part of one of my University class's requirements and I liked the book throughout the whole time but absolutely hated Jane as a character at the beginning. By the end, I completely loved her and she has since been one of my favorite characters. This is one of the few books where I thoroughly loathed a character and later adored and admired her. Love this book!

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Post by GabbiV » 08 Mar 2018, 22:07

I had to read Jane Eyre for my senior year AP Lit class and it brings back fond memories. At first, my class was reluctant, which was odd since we were a bunch of voracious readers. After a couple chapters though we would excitedly talk about it with each other even after class. All in all, I have good feelings about this book.

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