Official Review: Thieves and Outcasts

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Latest Review: "Thieves and Outcasts" by Dianna Moore

Official Review: Thieves and Outcasts

Post by lil20artist » 06 Aug 2012, 15:56

[This is the official review of "Thieves and Outcasts" by Dianna Moore.]

Thieves and Outcasts by Dianna Moor, is a book I just recently finished reading. Seeing that the book falls under the non-fiction genre, it immediately caught my attention. Heroes and magic also plays a big part in the story which was an added bonus. This type of book would easily appeal to anyone who enjoys reading about heroes of legendary and gruesome dies. I know I was very eager to crack open the book as soon as possible. Though the book seem like it was everything I was looking for, it didn’t stand up to my expectations.

So as I had previously mentioned, this is a fictional book. The theme is a classic one of a extraordinary hero who comes to save the entire country. In this story, the hero has problems of their own to deal with at the start. That means it won’t be someone who was trained from birth for a great destiny. The heroine took on the responsibilities of risking her life to take on a super evil. With all themes, there is usually a message the author is trying to deliver to the readers. Since I wasn’t completely in love with the book, I couldn’t get the message (if there was one). Maybe the theme is just about enjoying a story of a heroine and her friends on a great journey.

It’s going to be hard to summarize this book up without let out any spoilers but I will try my best. Basically a young heroine (6 year old elf) named Finder has been exiled from her home without her memory. During her journey to retrieve her memory, Bur’ lap (a pattern reader) gave her a task to protect a boy named Devin. In doing this she will save someone else important which in turn will save everyone. The will be more friends that will accompany her from greedy goblins to brave steeds. Even though it will be a difficult job, Finder accepts it but is she prepared for what is in store for her?

My initial reaction to the book was excitement, especially with the book being called Thieves and Outcasts. The description of the scenery was something I had really enjoyed. It appealed to all five of my sense, giving me the feeling that I was actually at Camel Jaw and Axeton’s. I also did like the way she told the story from two different view points that connected at the end. It gave you a constant update on both characters until they met up. Dianna didn’t spare no detail on the environment though that seemed to be the only thing I found detailed enough. There was a lot of the story that seemed to fast forward too much, like I wasn’t given enough time to really understand it all. The immediate introduction of the phet’ mar or the Glimmers instant appearance are examples of this error. The fact that the character was 6 years old and yet seem to have knowledge/responsibilities far beyond most adults was also a major bad point. My feelings turned from excitement to pure disappointment almost halfway through the book.

The book wasn’t so bad that it can’t be read completely, just that it won’t really take anyone on an adventure. I will have to give this book 3 out 5 stars. The detailed environment and overall storyline is what gave the book the 3 stars it has. It fell short of 4 stars because the lack of detail about characters’ backgrounds/appearances. Honestly I would still recommend this book to someone who wants to do some light reading. This book isn’t for readers who want a new series to follow or who wants a good book to get wrapped into. Dianna should really revise the book a little more if she wants to appeal to a larger audience. For right now this book this book would past for a light read but not a serious recommendation.


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