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Official Review: The Oligarch

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Official Review: The Oligarch

Post Number:#1 by StileBlue
» 20 Nov 2012, 10:27

[Following is the official review of "The Oligarch: A Thirller" by G W Eccles.]

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The Oligarch by G.W.Eccles is a thriller set in modern russia. It paints a picture of a Russian state torn between oligarchs and a President that seems more soviet than democratic. 
The hero, although the narrator seems to follow a few different people, is Alex Leksin.

A Harvard educated MI5 agent specialized in financial forensics, who is now commissioned by the Russian president as a freelancer to figure out an oligarchs plot and connection to a separatists movement.While doing this he gets into bondesque trouble with villains,women and lots of action. 
I enjoyed reading it and would surely recommend it to anyone interested in the spy/thriller genre. 

Considering the number of pages it has  as fast paced as i expected. The whole reading experience did not feel like i was reading a book at all but rather like i was watching a  movie.Most of the emotions described in the book could be shown with one expression by a good actor,which made it a bit too shallow to really sympathize with the protagonist on a level,where i feel like I'm on an adventure myself instead of just watching someone else. 
Rating this book on those bases it deserves 3 stars out of 4. (I was quite torn with the rating,if you compare it to other books in this genre and page length only, it would certainly deserve 4) 
I tried to keep the upper part as  general as possible since the book had a bigger impression on me because I have a Russian background myself and might have enjoyed this book more because of that than the usual English reader. Although the author did not go over the top with descriptions of foods,weather and other cultural differences it was enough to make me nostalgic. The food made me hungry, the weather made me miss the sound of snow cracking under my feet and the characters seemed quite Russian and authentic.

I would love to read a sequel or two.

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