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Official Review: Killing Down the Roman Line

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Official Review: Killing Down the Roman Line

Post Number:#1 by vsc_vet_tech
» 04 Nov 2012, 04:36

[Following is the official review of "Killing Down the Roman Line" by Tim McGregor.]

Killing Down the Roman Line by Tim McGregor is a book that is right up my alley, filled with mystery and suspense. Published in 2012, one year after his first novel, Bad Wolf, Killing Down the Roman Line is about one town’s checkered past, revolving around one event that has not been talked about for generations.

It all starts in the year of 1898, on a farm, on a road named Roman Line. The local “bully” family has all been murdered, save one, and burned in their barn. The local townsmen do not know who killed the whole family, but are all delighted that the family is dead. In celebration, they all start to raid the family of their clothes, jewelry, and even resort to taking bones of the dead, all to have a piece of the historic event. The one lone survivor goes to the police and implicates most of the town as being part of the mob that killed his family and then disappears from town.

Skip ahead a hundred years, same town, same road, same house where the murders happen all that time ago, a man claiming to be the grandson of the one sole survivor arrives to shake the town up. He sets up a horror tour of the house, exactly has it been in 1898. He believes that the town has forgotten their history. He befriends his one neighbor, who, before it all ends, gets stuck in the middle between this stranger and the rest of the town.

This book is action packed right from the beginning and does not let up till the end. I do have to say that some of the story is a bit graphic, so be warned. All-in-all the story was a little predictable, but there were still a few twists that I did not see coming. The ending was a little lack luster after all the action in the few chapters before.

The book was well written. I was every impressed with this story. I could hardly put it down. I would give it a strong 3 out of 4 rating.

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