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The Next Chapter by Bryn T. Jones

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The Next Chapter by Bryn T. Jones

Post Number:#1 by Carabosse
» 04 Sep 2012, 03:39

[Following is the official review of "The Next Chapter" by Bryn T. Jones.]

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After the deaths of his wife Kathy, and daughter Ashley, in a horrific car accident, Sal Russo doesn’t think his life could possibly get any worse. Once a devout Christian, and a successful writer who believed he had God’s favour; Sal now believes firmly in the maxim “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”. Now God has taken everything Sal lived for. Since losing his family, Sal hasn’t written anything at all, let alone anything marketable. Instead, he visits Kathy and Ashley’s grave sites everyday to place fresh flowers and remove the ones he placed there the day before.

Little does Sal know that seven other sets of parents share his grief: they also lost their daughters. Except their girls’ deaths were not accidental. They were the planned and premeditated murders of a deranged psychopath. This same psychopath now watches Sal’s every move, as he plans to strike again and frame Sal for the murders.

Commander Kyle Truman is a special investigator with the police. He has dedicated years to finding the culprit who took the girls and killed them. He has worked so tirelessly that his job is no longer a job, but a round-the-clock obsession.
When there is a bomb scare at the Grand Old Mall, and Kyle thinks it may be connected with the cases of the murdered girls; his colleagues aren’t so sure he has what it takes to crack the case; that he is trying to make connections from thin air.

That is, until eleven year-old Tiffany Preston goes missing from the Grand Old Mall during the chaos and subsequent police lockdown. Now, in a race against time and seemingly futile odds, Kyle must find Tiffany and her captor, to save his reputation; while Sal must fight for his own freedom-and Tiffany’s right to live.

According to her captor, Sal holds the key to Tiffany’s salvation: the only way to keep her alive is to write…the next chapter.

Although missing girls is nothing new in terms of a plot, it is the new twists and turns that Bryn T. Jones has cleverly invented that make the reader sit up and take notice. The characterization is excellent, and the descriptive detail of the criminal evidence is, at times, gruesome, but it is this clear and unflinching writing that makes “The Next Chapter” a real page-turner.

Though some scenarios may seem slightly far-fetched at times, they are only the lead-up to yet another surprise. This criminal thriller is clearly well-researched, and completely unpredictable. An action-packed read, “The Next Chapter” would make a great movie.

Fans of James Patterson’s series featuring Detective Alex Cross, should enjoy this.

I give this book 4 out of 4 stars.

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