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Official Review: Senate Proof by Logan Snyder

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Official Review: Senate Proof by Logan Snyder

Post Number:#1 by siddi
» 07 Aug 2012, 05:56

[The following is the official review of "Senate Proof" by Logan Snyder. ]

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'Senate Proof' is all about corruption and crime at highest politcal level. It's an action thriller. The story revolves around an illegal liquor distillary and the people involved in it, directly and indirectly. It's a tale of deception, corruption and bonds of friendship in the face of betrayal.

The book opens with cheif justice Micheal Abramsom's recieving of a mysterious letter and his pondering over his dark past. Later on the charecters of Caroline and Jackson are introduced, where Caroline remains the central character throughout the book, Jackson is a semi hero. Caroline is working as a farm help on McAllister farm, with hidden agenda of her own, alongwith trying finding her father's killer, who was found brutally murdered in that very area. Jackson on the other hand is the charming, playboy law student with free life and questionable morals. Although as the story develops, his character grows by leaps and bounds.

John McAllister is the owner of McAllister distillary, which he's inherited from his own father who established it during the time of prohibition. The distillary boasts of the most influential and high profile people from all over the political world, as it's permanent customers and members. John's son Ron McAllister thinks that its time for his father to step aside and let the young blood take over the business, having his own plan of adding various new dimensions, including drugs, to the distillary. This causes rift between already fragile father son relationship, and what follows, is an open, bloody face off between big guns of distillary, namely John McAllister, senator 'Scooter'Windgate, Ron McAllister and Micheal Abramsom.

The slow start of book finally picks up pace, by halfway through, and by climax reaches its full potential. Though I enjoyed the tricky interweaving of the tale of deceit, there were some loop holes in the storyline which if tied, could've made more impact.

Firstly, it takes a lot of time figuring out the big deal behind an illegal liqour distillary. As it's not the time of prohibition, the big hush hush around the whole operation, and the fear of McAllister clan for Caroline's finding out more than the truth of her father's death, remains a mystery for a very long time. Moreover why was Micheal Abramsom trying to kill 'Sooter' Windgate and why his sniper ends up blowing up Windgate's car, remains unanswered . Also, Caroline's character seemed a bit flawed in the light of her final revelation. Her acting a novice, being terrified of ongoings around her and having no clue at all of distillary, while actually working there, makes no sense at all. Also while running away, instead of going to her 'superiors' or something, she ends up involving an innocent man in her trials and ends up getting another killed in the process. Her earlier actions, does not in the least, match the woman we find her to be, in the end.

The story in the first half reminds a lot of Mario Puzo's world of mafia, with retiring nice "don", who wants to do things 'cleanly' and his rebellious son, with no concious at all. But it kind of changes gear after a while. The characters are introduced too hastily, and it takes a lot of time, getting to know each of them, making the earliear part of story a tad slow and boring.

On an scale of one to four, I'd give the book, a two. It's an alright effort from the writer and despite some loose ends, the story keeps you occupied. I didn't give it a three because, it's not for everyone, but the lovers of action/thrill genre, may like it.

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You can use this topic to ask questions about the book if you have not read it, talk about the book if you have read it and in either case comment on the above review by Siddi.
siddi's Latest Review: "Senate Proof" by Logan Snyder
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Re: Official Review: Senate Proof by Logan Snyder

Post Number:#2 by Samantha_KB
» 30 Jun 2013, 18:42

Great review! :D
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