Review by nonamer_miss -- The Lost Identity Casualties

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Review by nonamer_miss -- The Lost Identity Casualties

Post by nonamer_miss »

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Lost Identity Casualties" by Kim Ekemar.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Lost Identity Casualties is the introductory novel of The Callaghan Tetralogy by Kim Ekemar. This fast-paced mystery crime thriller will engross the readers from beginning up to its very last page.

If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge? -William Shakespeare

Matthias Callaghan III opens his eyes from a long and deep sleep only to find out that he is tied to a bed in what it seems like a fancy looking hospital and cocooned in a bandage. He has no memory, no idea of who he is or what he does to afford such premise and how he ended up in his condition and it seems that the doctors and nurses are adamant in filling him in. On the fourth day since he woke up, a beautiful woman named Julia who presents herself as his wife comes to see him and though skeptical, he just believes what she said because she looks like she’s genuinely concerned for him. Eventually, his memories came together and he feels devastated to learn that the horrible ordeal he’s going through is because he was mistaken by the Russian mobs as his father and kidnapped him, mutilated his fingers and severely damaged his face which called for a facial transplant. Knowing that his life will never be the same, Callaghan decided to use his new face and identity to get revenge to the people who cause his misery.

I love crime thrillers! Especially those that touch the psychological behavior of the characters, so Lost Identity Casualties is perfect for me. This book is about betrayal and vengeance and how misfortune, pain and anger changes a man. In this case, although Callaghan initially succumbs into depression, he chooses to use his new identity to get back to the people who ruined not only his handsome face but also his life.

Although the thought of being subjected to mistaken identity is already scary, Callaghan’s experience made that thought scarier. The torture scene is a little bit over the top, I find myself wincing while reading that part but I think it is needed to demonstrate the pain he felt that will, later on, add fire to his desire for revenge. This book will keep you thinking. Callaghan is not the kindest person in the world, in fact, he is a criminal that is involved in an ATM scamming scheme but does he deserve what happened to him? Is his revenge just or is it too extreme?

There are tons of character in this book that sometimes I find myself reading back just to remember who is who again and their relevance to the main characters. My favorite character is Matthias Jr., while he’s never been a good father, he’s very witty and humorous, his character is very likable. Also, I don’t really understand the need to put on dates on this book, it’s not like its a diary entry, especially when Callaghan was in the hospital… I wonder how he knew the exact date he woke up when he was in a coma and in deep sleep for a long time but these issues did not keep me from enjoying this book.

I will rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. This is a fascinating book that will stir your emotions and will keep you holding onto your seat, it also seems like professionally edited because I did not find any grammatical error. I really had a good read. I recommend this book to people who like to read crime, mystery and psychological thrillers

The Lost Identity Casualties
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Post by chelhack »

This was a great review and I love the quote from Shakespeare.
Chelsea N. Hackett
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Post by inaramid »

Now the title makes sense. It does sound like a Bourne Identity kind of story. Thanks for this review!
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Post by Cotwani »

I'm wincing at the torture chamber but I must say the book seems exciting. Great review!
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Post by BelleReadsNietzsche »

I’m squirming just reading that there’s an over the top torture scene in this one. Thanks for your review though! Matthias does sound like an interesting character! (I like the witty ones. :) )
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Post by Manali_DC »

Great review! I recently read and reviewed this book too, but it's always interesting to read a different perspective on it. I agree with you that Matthias Callaghan is not exactly a very likable protagonist, but you end up admiring his patience and cunning in getting his revenge!
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