Official Review: Death in Costa Rica by J. J. Jorgens

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Official Review: Death in Costa Rica by J. J. Jorgens

Post by LV2R » 11 Nov 2018, 03:21

[Following is an official review of "Death in Costa Rica" by J. J. Jorgens.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Death in Costa Rica: A Mary Jane Morris Mystery is the second book written in the fictional series by J. J. Jorgens. It can be read easily as a stand-alone book, as it is a complete story with no cliffhangers. Mary Jane Morris, though trained as a lawyer, is now a detective in Washington, D.C. Her once romantic notions of being a detective were fast coming to an end, especially with the case of Christopher Hill’s murder. The money-hungry family wanted their share of the Hill’s fortune, and Mary Jane was getting nowhere with the murder investigation. The family made terrible accusations against her and used reporters to attack Mary Jane’s credibility.

To get away from it all for a while, Mary Jane decides to visit her Aunt Carmen in Costa Rica. Jackson, a 14-year-old son of her renter, Sally, goes with her, and the two experience some adventurous and wonderful times in Costa Rica. However, they soon discover “trouble in paradise.” Uncle Klaus had recently and unexpectedly died, and at the same time, his best friend Nathan disappeared. Someone is sabotaging Carmen’s beach hotel business, selling fake ancient Indian art, and producing fake land registry papers. All of these issues are enough to keep Mary Jane busy during her time “away from it all.“

I liked that Mary Jane and Jackson got to do a lot of fun activities while in Costa Rica, and everything that they did do tied into the story leading them to a discovery. I liked best how the time ended in Costa Rica with all the loose ends tied up nicely. The time in Costa Rica helped Mary Jane solve the case in Washington, and the book ends with revealing the mystery to the Hill’s murder case.

I rate Death in Costa Rica 3 out of 4 stars. One of the reasons for not giving a 4-star rating is that the book had more than ten errors in punctuation and grammar. Also, two times the author used Christopher “Harris” instead of Hill. Another reason for the 3-star rating is that I feel like the story didn’t seem to flow as well in the middle as it did in the beginning and in the ending. I liked least that the book had more than 20 characters to keep track of and sort out. However, the book had many interesting aspects of Costa Rica, such as, preserving the rainforest, culture, and animal life along with believable small-town issues that make this book worth more than a 2-star rating.

People who like to read detective stories, want to learn a little about Costa Rica and don’t mind a slower paced story would like this book the most. This book would appeal the least to people who really do not like murder mysteries or detective stories.

Death in Costa Rica
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Post by sonya01 » 12 Nov 2018, 01:49

Costa Rica is an unusual setting for a book and from that aspect, it seems like a possibility. However, I’m not sure that this is the book for me. Many thanks for taking the time to review it for us.

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Post by Caylie_Cat » 12 Nov 2018, 02:55

If a series is well-written, using the same pool of characters, it is my choice for a good read. I always find that this genre of book does really well in a continuation of a story - through different stories - if that makes sense? Sometimes a complex hero/heroine needs a few books in different scenarios to really reach their potential, and I find the gradual development most revealing. Excellent review!

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Post by kandscreeley » 12 Nov 2018, 09:13

This seems like a cute mystery, but that's a LOT of characters to keep track of. I'm not sure I could do it. Still, it sounds like so much fun that I may have to try it. I like that they do have some fun times while doing the detective work. Thanks!
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Post by fredrick otieno » 12 Nov 2018, 10:19

the book seems complicated than it ought to be...even though this is a kind of book i will enjoy, i really do not think i would this one.Thanks for the good review though.

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Post by T_stone » 12 Nov 2018, 16:57

The fact this book can stand alone is good enough for me. A good fictional story in a series with no cliffhanger has really drawn my attention to this. I'd like to get a hold of all the books in the series.
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Post by Cotwani » 13 Nov 2018, 14:50

The book sounds like a relaxing read. I am intrigued how the protagonist solves two in one murders. A pity about the errors.
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Post by Book Lover 35 » 13 Nov 2018, 23:43

Not much of a vacation when someone dies. I like murder investigations. This book sounds interesting. Thank you for the review!

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Post by charmperit » 21 Nov 2018, 03:41

A lawyer and at the same time also a detective solving a mystery crime of the people around her, sounds like a good read!

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Post by Fozia-Bajwa » 22 Nov 2018, 10:24

Death in Costa Rica by J.J. Jorgens is a book about the murder mystery. it is about a greedy family. you have given a detailed review and an organized summary.

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Post by Ice dragon » 14 Dec 2018, 18:19

The storyline doesn't sound interesting to me, I would read it for the Costa Rica information and use it as a travel guide.
Nice, thorough review!

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Post by fernsmom » 18 Dec 2018, 22:30

Great review! :tiphat:
I think this one will go on my "maybe" list. I do like detective stories, and the plot sounds good. But the errors, and the fact that it wasn't flowing as well in the middle, and the abundance of characters make me hesitant to read it.

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Post by Leebaby » 12 Jan 2019, 02:40

Thank you for the wonderful review. I believe the book must be very interesting, though not really that much of my type.

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