Review by oncemoredorothy -- Concealment by Rose Edmunds

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Review by oncemoredorothy -- Concealment by Rose Edmunds

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Concealment" by Rose Edmunds.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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By Rose Edmunds

When you’re on top, where else is there to go but down? In a world full of greed, power, and business, Amy Robinson seems to be the only person with a clear vision of things. The protagonist is a middle-aged woman who has worked hard for her position in Pearson Malone and has hidden the bitter memories of her past. Upon discovering a potential insight in a murder of a junior colleague, Isabelle Edwards, and accusation for the said murder towards her boyfriend, she gets involved in investigating the case on her own, without anyone to trust. To top it all off, everyone thinks she’s crazy, even herself. What would she do about it? Who will she call? Who said her life wasn’t complicated enough? 

This book had me on edge! It was a good crime/thriller story that it sucked me into the story right away. As a lover of legal drama that includes finance, I found love for this book. The story possessed good examples of, first, man versus man conflict, second, man versus society conflict and third, man versus self conflict. It was a very interesting set-up and flow as I did not know where the story was going; rather, I can’t anticipate where it was turning.This was due to the style of writing. The style and manner in which the book was written are absolutely beautiful to the point wherein I felt what Amy felt, which was uncertainty. I had myself doubting my own thoughts or anticipations because of all the possible outcomes that can occur in the book.This is one of the reasons why I can say that this book is not your typical story. 

Everything was executed wonderfully, from the way other characters were described by the skeptic protagonist to the way she views and assesses herself. The author accentuated the fact that we are human beings; full of doubt and insecurities, who are haunted by our past and personal lives, that we cannot be perfect in the eyes of everyone. The author also proved that in the world of business, no one can be trusted, blackmail is rampant, and money is god to some. At the end of the day, no amount of money can make you happy when your work environment is toxic and unhealthy; this is evidenced by a scene in chapter 44.
“Well you career is over, I shall make sure of it,” said JJ. “I’ve never seen such disgraceful, unprofessional behavior in all my years in business.You won’t work in the City again.” 
“So what?”I said. “I don’t give a sh*t.”
In this particular scene, you can observe and feel the radical transformation of Amy’s character. From a neglected little girl with a not-so fine family environment to a woman keeping everything concealed and neat. Then lastly, to becoming a bold and unstoppable fire-breathing machine ready to wreak havoc in Pearson Malone. 

Did I enjoy this book? Absolutely!Would I want to read the next book in the Crazy Amy series? Sure, why not? I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because of its wonderful writing and compelling plot, I saw no holes nor negative comments about the plot. Although the cover of the book can use a bit of an improvement to it.

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